The Mighty 5: Utah’s National Parks

The Mighty 5: Utah's National Parks

Capitol Reef National Park

During my Spring 2015 trip to Utah I completed The Mighty 5. In 2013 I visited Utah, stopping at Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. My 2015 trip to Utah had me stopping at Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef and returning to Bryce Canyon. Although there is plenty more exploring to do in all of these parks I will say that my favorite park is Zion. Perhaps it is because Zion was my first introduction to The Mighty 5. I vividly remember the unbelievable deep red rocks contrasting against the lush green foliage. And as beautiful as Zion National Park is I do believe each park has it’s own stunningness. Continue reading

Spooky Goblins at Goblin Valley State Park Utah

Goblin Valley State Park Utah

Goblin Valley State Park Utah

Goblin Valley State Park in Utah is a unique and fascinating spot however you may remember it’s name because of what happened there in 2013. Two doofuses knocked over one of the rock structures. They claimed one of the rocks was about to topple over on to a small child and they were protecting not only said child, but anyone else that could potentially walk past this rock. I have watched the video several times and have never seen a child anywhere near that rock, other than the childish people destroying a rock structure that was around 170 million years old. Probably the most disturbing part of the video is that after they topple over the rock the person filming bursts into laughter and states that his buddy is “saving lives at Goblin Valley”.  Second most disturbing part is the high five between the vandal and the third friend.

And that my friend is why we can’t have nice things.   Continue reading

Exploring Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park Scenic Drive

Meet Capitol Reef National Park.

Of the “Mighty 5”, Capitol Reef is the newest addition to Utah’s five parks. Capitol Reef was established in 1971, about 40 years after Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks and 7 years after Canyonlands National Park. Capitol Reef may be the new kid on the block but it certainly is not the Donny Wahlberg of the group.

Capitol Reef National Park is located near Utah Highway 12. Some of you may remember my thoughts on Utah Highway 12. If you do not remember or have not checked them out, go ahead and give it a go. We will wait for you here.

Pretty scary, huh? Continue reading

The Sun Sets On Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park at sunset

Bryce Canyon National Park at sunset

It was a day like any other. I was rushing to beat time. The sun was setting and I had one last task for the day, to photograph Bryce Canyon National Park at sunset.

I firmly believe the earth’s rotational speed increases as the sun is going down. Have you ever noticed that? The sky fills with vibrant colors and you rush to grab your camera, only to watch the colors fade and your opportunity is sometimes missed before you can press the button to snap the photo. So I did what any rational person would do when presented with a race against time, I pressed a little harder on the gas pedal. Don’t worry (Dad) the speed of sound was not broken in my quest to reach Bryce Canyon before the sun vanished below the horizon for the day. Continue reading

Cottonwood Narrows North Trail, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Utah

Cottonwood Narrows North Trail, Grand Staircase Escalante

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

The last time I visited Utah was in late September of 2013 and it was monsoon season. The rain had ruined a lot of our trip but we made the best of it. One part of the trip that I was most excited about visiting was Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument (GSENM) as it is managed by the BLM and they do not have those pesky rules on dogs being allowed on trails that the National Parks do. I would be able to have Boomer join me where ever we went in GSENM. Unfortunately the rain had caused several roads to be impassable and we were denied entry into the monument… and don’t think I didn’t try as I had a truck with 4WD at the time and thought I could handle any bit of mud thrown my way. Continue reading

Touring Lower Antelope Canyons, Page Arizona

Touring Lower Antelope Canyons, Page Arizona

Inside Lower Antelope Canyon

When you have a Type-A personality, like I do, sometimes you over think things. Like the fact that Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. But the Navajo Nation does observe daylight savings time.

When I was in Page Arizona taking a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyons, which departed at 10 am and was located on the Navajo Nation’s land, I will admit that I was slightly confused as to which 10 am I should show up for. 10 am Arizona time or 10 am daylight savings time.  My observation that I over think things was only validated when I called the tour office and asked which time standard they were on. I could tell the answer from the person who answered the phone came with a furrowed brow. They were on Arizona time which I assume was due to them catering to tourists, who for the most part don’t spend 30 minutes on the internet trying to figure out what time everyone was on.

Yeah, I know, I’m weird. Continue reading

Another Dam Tour: Glen Canyon Dam, Page Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam, Page Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam, Page Arizona

Yes my friends it’s another dam tour. You might be thinking to yourself just how many dam tours does a person need to go on? Although I will admit I have been on quite a few dam tours, but  what I find interesting about them is that the dams are all similar in their functions, but they each have their own story to tell. Continue reading

Dog Friendly Spots in Page Arizona

Dog Friendly Spots in Page Arizona

Boomer checking out Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona

Traveling with a dog comes with it’s challenges. These challenges, I believe, never outweigh the benefits however. But it does change our course sometimes.  We at Paws for Beer like to share dog friendly spots when ever we can.  So here are our recommendations for dog friendly spots in Page Arizona. Continue reading

Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Dog

Hello Paws For Beer Fans! Today we welcome a guest post from Jordan Walker about the common mistakes to avoid when you have a dog.  Jordan is very passionate about animals and their welfare. As the lead content curator for Coops And Cages and other pet-related blog sites, he has written several articles about the subject. In this article, he lists the things a dog owner should never do to his pet. Continue reading

The Southwest’s Crown Jewel: Monument Valley Utah

Driving Tour of Monument Valley Utah

Monument Valley Arizona

Have you every been driving down the road and you’re completely taken back by the scenery? And you think “I should stop here to take a photo.” But then you think “what if the next spot is better?” and you continue on and on. And then you come to the end of the beauty and you’re like “you dumb ass you missed your photo opportunity”.  And who has time to go back to snap a few photos?  Continue reading