Selkirk International Loop: Washington, Canada, and Idaho

Selkirk International Loop

Selkirk International Loop

It is pretty rare that I travel with people. But when traveling to Canada for the first time with dogs I felt it was necessary to bring along a “Canadian”.  So I invited my dad on the road trip as we circled the Selkirk Mountain Range while traveling around Washington State, Canada and Idaho, our home state. Continue reading

North Idaho Waterfalls: Copper, Myrtle Creek, Grouse Creek, Snow Creek, Granite Falls

North Idaho Waterfalls

Snow Creek Falls

Last year we had one of the worst fire seasons in the Inland Northwest. Idaho was on fire. Canada was on fire. Montana was on fire. The season was paralleling the summer of 1910. Not that I was around then, but the fire season was so notorious that it went down in history as one of the most devastating natural disasters the Northwest has ever endured. Continue reading

How to pick a dog kennel when traveling

how to pick a dog kennel when traveling

Boomer and Jovi on the road

Sometimes I get flack for traveling with my dogs. Although I try my best to find activities to include them in my travels it does not always pan out. And when it doesn’t I have to rely on a little local help at the destinations we visit. And when I say local help, I mean local dog care facilities. Continue reading

Idaho’s First State Park: Heyburn State Park

Heyburn State Park

Heyburn State Park

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows of our fondness for national parks. But we are not always fond of their pet rules. So we more often opt for state parks as their pet rules are a little more lenient.

Which brings us to Heyburn State Park in Idaho. Hayburn is unique as it was once slated to be a national park but it was later decided to make it Idaho’s first state park. Continue reading

Paws For Beer: March Beer Round Up

March Beer Round Up

Beer with a view. Post Falls Brewery in Post Falls Idaho

So I realized something. I decided to change my beer blog posts up, by changing to a monthly post, which I did for December…. and then I missed January… and then February and now we are to the middle of March.

Apparently, I need a personal assistant, not that I can afford to pay one, but someone who can hold me accountable for the things I say and then make me do them.

For now, I’ll have to hold myself accountable. So here it goes, March’s Monthly Beer Round Up. Continue reading

Leaving Paw Tracks Along Payette River Scenic Byway Idaho

Payette River Scenic Byway Idaho

Payette River Scenic Byway Idaho

My home state Idaho is known for many things. We grow potatoes. Our college football team plays on blue Smurf Turf.  Our state’s gem is the Star Garnet, found only in two places in the world, in Idaho and Africa.  We are home to the desert but also stellar mountain ranges such as the Sawtooths and Selkirks.  We are also home to an array of scenic byways, such as the Payette River Scenic Byway. Continue reading