Beer Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Beer Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Beer Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Cranberry sauce sometimes gets a bad wrap. Perhaps it’s because some people… OK a lot of people go the simple route and use canned cranberry sauce. The sound that the jiggling tube of goo makes as it slowly seeps out of the can and splats into the dish is enough to justify it’s bad wrap. Continue reading

Lighthouses of the Cape Disappointment Washington State Park

Cape Disappointment lighthouse

Cape Disappointment lighthouse

I love lighthouses, specifically the black and white striped ones. Boomer and I had visited a few lighthouses while in Oregon but on this day we were visiting two in one day. Cape Disappointment is located at the mouth of the Columbia River, across the river from Astoria Oregon. I chose to visit the park mostly because of the intriguing name but also because it would ensure our passage across the Astoria-Megler Bridge. Continue reading

Wet Dog Cafe and Astoria Brewing, Astoria Oregon

wet dog cafe astoria brewing

Wet Dog Cafe and Astoria Brewing in Astoria Oregon

While we were in Oregon it rained a lot. You’re probably thinking “thanks Captain Obvious, we knowit  rains a lot in Oregon.”

One byproduct of rain and traveling with a dog is a wet dog. For those of us who own dogs we cringe at the thought of a wet dog, right? One because they stink to high hell and two they seem to always want extra love and attention while sopping wet. Boomer is no different than your typical dog while wet :-) Continue reading

Beer Brined Buffalo Wings Recipe

Beer Brined Buffalo Wings

Beer Brined Buffalo Wings

OK I finally got over my burn out on wings that I had earlier this year. I am ready for some new wing recipes. How about you? I found this recipe from our good friend Betty Crocker. Well she would be our good friend if she wasn’t made up. I won’t go on about how I feel deceived by the General Mills Company about this Betty Crocker business, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels duped. What’s next? The Pioneer Woman – is she made up too? My world just turned upside down. Continue reading

Shipwrecks and Batteries – Visiting Fort Stevens State Park, Astoria Oregon

Visiting Fort Stevens State Park, Astoria Oregon

Peter Iredale Shipwreck

One of the many things I love about Oregon is that they are very dog friendly. Most of their state parks allow dogs, which is handy because I travel with my dog. While planning my trip to Oregon I only had time for one park while in Astoria. It was between Fort Stevens State Park and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park.

I love to learn about history while on my trips and while Lewis and Clark may be the more obvious choice I picked the Fort Stevens State Park instead. Why you may ask?  Well because Boomer was welcome to join me at Fort Stevens, where as the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Boomer would spend his time waiting in the car. Continue reading

Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria Oregon

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Boomer overlooking the Columbia River

Boomer and I sat out on our small hotel patio overlooking the bay and the Columbia River the last morning we were in Oregon. It was an overcast day and the river was calm. It is not always calm however, as the mouth of the Columbia River that feeds into the Pacific Ocean can be treacherous. So treacherous that it has earned the nickname Graveyard of the Pacific. 2000+ vessels have met their fate while trying to cross the Columbia Bar since 1792. Continue reading

Boomer’s Barley Biscuits from Barley Baked Goods

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo…. you may have noticed I had stopped my beer inspired food series for about 3 months, until the reprise last week. Well there was a reason. Remember when I told you I had lost my job earlier this year? I had indicated in that post that I was working on a project but was not going to reveal it until it was ready.

Well it’s ready. Continue reading

Blue Heron French Cheese Company, Tillamook Oregon

blue heron french cheese company

Blue Heron French Cheese Company

While at the Tillamook Cheese Factory I overheard someone mention that there was another cheese factory in the area with I quote “better cheese than Tillamook”. I thought to my self ‘I’ll be the judge of that’. Continue reading

Hey Is That Your Baby Loaf? The Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Walking into the Tillamook Cheese Factory

We all know I love brewery tours. I’ve written 25 posts about breweries on this blog over the past year and a half. Sounds like I spend a lot of time at breweries… Okay I do. And you know what goes well with beer? Cheese! You were probably going to say football weren’t you? Continue reading