Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica California

 Santa Monica Pier

View from Santa Monica Pier

While visiting Santa Monica we had to visit the famous landmark, Santa Monica Pier. The pier dates back to 1909, where it was originally built to carry sewer pipes past the breakers… gross. The second part of the pier was built in 1916 and referred to as the Pleasure Pier. Although the name invokes another form of grossness, the pier was built for the amusement park attractions: the wooden roller coaster, The Whip, a merry-go-around and a fun house. The attractions may have changed over the years but what I hope most is that people have stopped calling it the Pleasure Pier. Continue reading

Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House, Los Angeles California

hollyhock house los angeles california

Hollyhock House in Los Angeles California

Over the coarse of Frank Lloyd Wright’s career he built 532 structures and designed over 1000… talk about an overachiever! I have talked about my love for Wright designed structures often on this blog as I find him fascinating, both personally and professionally. He was a brilliant architect, who was well ahead of his years, but also led a life that could even to this day make the front page of the tabloids. Continue reading

Visiting the sites of Hollywood Boulevard California

hollywood boulevard california

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood, a place synonymous with glitz, glamour and movies.  But it was not always that way, originally the area was agriculture lands, which of course flourished due to the warm, sunny climate. It was not until the early 1900’s that Hollywood began to form itself into how we know it today, the land of stars and dreams… Continue reading

Visiting Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Large cities often set aside green space for their city dwellers. New York does it with Central Park, London with Richmond Park and Vancouver British Columbia has Stanley Park.

I visited Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics but as I have previously wrote about, I did not get to do much while I was there. Mostly because I did not research the area, but also because I did not have very much time in the 1.5 days that I was there. Continue reading

Beer Made With Steam! It’s Steamworks Brew Pub in Vancouver BC

Steamworks Brew Pub

Steamworks Brew Pub

I have been noticing an energy saving revolution out there with breweries. Wind power, solar powered, even steam powered. The Steamworks Brewery in Vancouver BC has been a steam powered brewery for the past 20 years. How cool is that? Continue reading

Beef Beer Barley Stew Recipe

Beef Beer Barley Stew Recipe

Beef Beer Barley Stew

When I was a kid my mom use to make barley stew. I remember telling her one day how much I loved barley. Little did I know that my love for barley stew was only foreshadowing my love for something else… beer!

I had never attempted barley stew as an adult but then I stumbled across this recipe from My Continue reading

BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, Vancouver BC

BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

The last time I was in Vancouver was for the 2010 Olympics. Although it is still a decent size city, 2.4 million including the suburbs, I was interested to see the city without the obscene amount of extra people walking around. Our time at the Olympics was short, a mere 1.5 days, and my friend Jen and I did not plan our time there very well. To put it mildly we wasted a lot of time waiting in line to see the Olympic medals up close at the Royal Canadian Mint. We stood in line both days for hours on end and never got to see the medals.  We had to step out of line both times to rush off to one of our events. Four years later it was now time to rectify that by visiting the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. Continue reading

Helena Brew Fest, Helena Montana

Helena Brew Fest

Boomer at the Helena Brew Fest

I am always looking for a reason to visit Montana. It’s beautiful scenery, fast speed limits and well let’s be honest… the beer! My friend Jen, Boomer and I headed over to Helena in the morning last summer. It was a bit of a drive but we did not mind as we all love visiting Montana and we all love beer, Boomer included. Continue reading

Beer Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Beer Beef Stroganoff

Beer Beef Stroganoff

Spring is right around the corner. I even hear the “cheeseburger” birds last week!

Well with Spring officially on it’s way it is time to get in all those hearty meals while we can! I was inspired by Deschutes Hop in the Dark Beef Stroganoff recipe for this Beer Beef Stroganoff recipe. Continue reading

Kootenai Falls and The Swinging Bridge, Libby Montana

Kootenai Falls and The Swinging Bridge

Kootenai Falls

Every time I stop at the Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge my inner child comes out. Mostly because of the bridge, because who doesn’t like walking on a swinging bridge and purposely bouncing on it to make it swing… well I can tell you who doesn’t like it BOOMER! Continue reading