Paws For Beer Utah/Colorado/Arizona/Wyoming Wrap Up

a trip wrap up of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming

Boomer at Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah

What started out as our spring trip turned out to be Boomer’s and my only trip together last year. It was disappointing that Boomer stayed home for the rest of the year but we did have an enjoyable time on our spring trip together. Below is a wrap up of our Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming adventures together. Continue reading

Samantha Makes Me Go To Epic Brewing, Salt Lake City Utah

epic brewery restaurant

Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City Utah

Samantha, my GPS, led me astray on the way home. It was not at all surprising because she loovvvesss taking me off course, even if it makes no sense to. She loves sending me off course as much as I love Boomer. For the record, that is a lot!

I was not suppose to travel through Salt Lake City on my way home from our Spring road trip and there I found myself zipping along I-15 in the heat of traffic.

Damn you Samantha. Continue reading

Mormon Row Grand Teton National Park Wyoming

Mormon Row Grand Teton

Mormon Row Grand Teton National Park

The park ranger’s voice echoed throughout the almost empty Grand Teton visitors center “The road to Yellowstone is closed”. Although she was not speaking directly to me her comment resulted in a furrowed brow from me. With the “road to Yellowstone” closed, otherwise known as the John D. Rockerfeller Jr Memorial Parkway, it would not only derail our plans for the day but also our route home as I had intended on passing through Yellowstone National Park on the last day of our trip. I now had to start accepting the fact that I would be driving over Teton Pass once again to get home and at the time unbeknownst to me with a fresh layer of slippery snow on it. Fun times for me my friends. Continue reading

Tours With Beer: Grand Teton Brewing Victor Idaho

Grand Teton Brewing Victor Idaho

Grand Teton Brewing in Victor Idaho

I love beer. This much you can probably tell about me. The name of my blog alone should be proof that I at least like beer. And if you read my blog, admit it, you are doing it right now, you know I talk about beer often.

I sometimes drive far to visit new breweries. Often it pays off fulfilling my quest to find great beer. There is something to be said about finding a roadside brewery located in a small town with a passionate brewer making their dream of creating beer a reality. For some, like myself, it is the American Dream. Continue reading

A brief love affair at Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming

As I sat at the bar sipping on my beer a handsome gentleman sat down next to me. I glanced over, giving a slight side-eye. Mostly to see if someone was joining him, but the seat next to him remained vacant. It was an oddity to me, as someone like myself, I usually give a one seat buffer between me and anyone else. So this sitting right next to me caused a slight eyebrow raise from me. He was in my personal bubble space and there were plenty of open seats to give me my one seat buffer. I will be honest with you, this one seat buffer mandate I have is probably some of the reason I am still single. So this dude sat right next to me, maybe it meant something and just as I took a breath to gathered my courage to introduce myself it happened…

He ordered water…
And just like that the love affair was over… Continue reading

Paws For Beer 2015 Travel Wrap Up

Paws For Beer 2015 Travel Wrap Up

Happy Holidays from Boomer & Santa

2015 is coming to an end and it is time for our Paws For Beer 2015 Travel Wrap Up.

2015 was a year of changes for us at Paws For Beer. Due to a job change in 2014 I took a substantial pay cut but more importantly I took a 93% reduction in vacation hours. I won’t waste your time with bitching about the impact of the change and just leave it as depressing. To help offset this change I have slowed my blog postings to weekly, instead of twice a week, as I am not traveling as much and do not have as much to share. Luckily I have not seen a drop in traffic to the site as a result of this change. My posts about brewing and baking with beer have become erratic, which is a loss for me personally because I loved trying out new recipes. Lack of time and money have held me back with continuing both of those hobbies. Perhaps 2016 I will make more of an effort to bring that back. Continue reading

I’m a kid again at Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant Jackson Wyoming

Bubba's Bar-B-Que Restaurant

Jackson Wyoming… or Jackson Hole Wyoming, however you call it.

As a child my family and I use to visit Jackson, which I thought we called it Jackson Hole at that time. I am not sure when the change happened or more of the drop of the word “hole” was, but it appears it is now called just Jackson.

Or maybe I just was not up to speed as to what was going on. And maybe I was not, I was a little kid after all. Even as an adult I am sure I still do not know half of what is going on. But sometimes it is best to be unaware of some things, am I right?

I still refer to Jackson as Jackson Hole, it is a habit I am not willing to break. Kind of like my beer habit. The term “hole” actually refers to the Jackson Hole Valley, which includes the town of Jackson. The hole is the area between the Teton Mountain Range and the Snake River. So I can still refer to the town as Jackson Hole and be vaguely correct.

And now that I have devoted way too much time to the world “hole” let’s move on… Continue reading

Beer Tasting At Snake River Brewing Jackson Wyoming

 Snake River Brewing Jackson Wyoming

Snake River Brewing Jackson Wyoming

Before I go to any brewery I check out their website to see what beers they have and do a little planning for what I might order. Sometimes this pre-shopping will make or break a visit to the brewery. If the tasting notes are vague or the list includes beer styles I do not enjoy, such as Belgium styles, I may skip the brewery all together.

Snake River Brewing’s beer list was neither vague nor included an over abundance of Belgium styled beers. The list of beer was impressively large, with several styles of beer represented. But for me it was not the size of the list, but the clever beer names that caught my eye. With names like “Rye Not”, “White Snake”, “YB Bitter” “Dark Helmet” “Custer’s Last Ale” and my personal favorite “License to Pils” how could I not want to swing in and grab a pint from Snake River Brewing while I was in Jackson? Continue reading