Beer Tasting at Historic Brewing Company Williams Arizona

Beer Tasting Historic Brewing Company

Historic Brewing Company

I have been known to give my GPS, Samantha, a hard time. She is not great at finding the places I ask her to find. But in all truth, neither am I. This fact was proven while in Williams Arizona. When I arrived to Williams I was looking for the Grand Canyon Brewing Company. Samantha proudly spouted off “you have reached your destination” and like often, my destination was no where in sight. I was frustrated as I circled the street looking for the brewery. Usually I can pride myself often on my ability to find breweries but today my beer-dar was off. I could not find the brewery and gave up. Although I gave up on finding the brewery, I had not given up on finding beer, or another brewery. Continue reading

Newly Dog Friendly Grand Canyon South Rim Arizona

Dog Friendly Grand Canyon South Rim

Dog Friendly Grand Canyon South Rim

“Just take the photo. Don’t take it in manual. Everyone tries to take photos in manual and they end up with a bunch of fuzzy photos”

This guy became my hero as I walked past him.  He was standing near the rim of the Grand Canyon chirping at his friend holding a fancy DSLR, who had obviously become offended. But lets also be honest, how many of those people toting around DSLRs actually know how to work them? Probably fewer then what you see. The chirpper had a point, no one wants fuzzy photos. And how often are you standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon? Unless you are a Grand Canyon park ranger, probably not often. So why risk a fuzzy photo? Continue reading

Managing from afar at Red Rock Brewery Salt Lake City Utah

Red Rock Brewery Salt Lake City Utah

Red Rock Brewery Hefeweizen

While in the middle of a horrifically long day of driving I decided to stop at Red Rock Brewery Salt Lake City Utah for lunch.  The stop was meant to break up my day a bit. I pulled off the highway into downtown Salt Lake City traffic. I come from a small town and like to occasionally remind myself why I do not live in a larger city as I do not handle the stress of traffic well. And it’s not even like Salt Lake is a huge city!

I’m spoiled, I know. Continue reading

The Potato State: Visiting the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot Idaho

Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot Idaho

Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot Idaho

When I tell people I am from Idaho they often say “oh do you grow potatoes?” and chuckle at the fact that they know at least one thing about Idaho. This comment often results in an eye roll from me. But I guess I should be glad that they know at least something about Idaho.

Yes our state grows potatoes, but I will be honest I have never grown a potato. I will pause now for the collective gasp. Even more shocking than that, when I do eat a potato it is often not even from my state, but from the neighboring state of Washington. Idaho is busy exporting their potatoes to the East Coast of the country. You’re welcome East Coast, those Idaho potatoes are tasty… so I’ve heard 🙂 Continue reading

Why you should check out Beaverhead Brewing Dillon Montana

Beaverhead Brewing Dillon Montana

Beaverhead Brewing Dillon Montana

The phone rang with the question “Are you enjoying your beer at Beaverhead Brewing?” I quickly looked around the tap-room perplexed, looking for my dad. His voice was on the other end of the phone. He was of course not there, but he did have a very detailed itinerary that I had left with him, as I do before any trip I take. I leave the itinerary with him just in case I go missing. So far, so good. I have not gone missing and apparently I show up to where I am supposed to be at the time I scheduled myself to be. Continue reading

Beer Tasting At Daft Badger Brewing, Coeur D’Alene Idaho

Daft Badger Brewing Beer Tasting

Looking into the brewery of Daft Badger

You know the saying “don’t poke the bear”? So it means don’t provoke the person, right? Well I have a similar saying except I replace the bear with a badger. Why? Because a badger is way more scary than a bear. Badgers are rarely seen, somewhat vicious and nocturnal. These are all things I can relate to.

OK… sometimes I’m awake during the day. Continue reading

Butte Montana Mining History: Berkeley Pit and Would Museum of Mining

Berkeley Pit and Would Museum of Mining

Berkeley Pit, Butte Montana

Mary stands atop the Continental Divide overlooking the town of Butte Montana. She is not hard to miss and always draws in a look from me while driving into Butte. Mary is of course the Virgin Mary.  She stands at an impressive 90 feet (27 m) keeping a watchful eye over the town of Butte. Mary also overlooks the Berkeley Pit, a former open-pit copper mine.  The pit is a slight eye sore but is one of Butte’s many signs of a classic mining town. Continue reading

A Historic Brewery In An Old Mining Town: Butte Brewing Butte Montana

Butte Brewing Butte Montana

Butte Brewing Butte Montana

I have been frequenting Butte Montana a lot in the past year. Although Butte is probably best known for it’s mining history, Butte does have a pretty decent beer scene. Butte Brewing is fairly new on the beer scene however.  Well sort of. The original Butte Brewing was established in 1880 and closed in 1965. After a brief 50 year nap, the rights to the name, logo and root beer recipe became available and were snatched up by a local home-brewer. In 2015 a new and shiny Butte Brewing opened their doors. Continue reading

Yellowstone National Park Shows Off In The West Thumb

Yellowstone West Thumb

A bison herd at Yellowstone National Park

After entering Yellowstone National Park traffic slowed to a crawl. Cars were pulled off to the side of the road and the faint sound of camera shutters were snapping. A small herd of bison were taking their leisurely stroll for the day and the park visitors were consumed by the opportunity of capturing a photo of these large mammals.

Yellowstone West Thumb

Too close to the bison!

Brave, yet dimwitted people, were literally taking their lives into their hands as they encroached upon the herd. People will never learn. A safe distance and a zoom lens is all you need… to stay alive. Continue reading