Jumping Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane To Fight A Fire

Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumpers Center

Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumpers Center

2015 was a record breaking year in the Northwestern part of the United States. Although some records are not always highly sought after. This record for 2015 was for worst recorded wildfire season since 2006. As of September 2015 8,821,040 acres of land had burned during the 2015 fire season. Fire season usually starts around April and ends around October each year for the Northwest. Continue reading

Capturing The Holy Grail of Beer at Big Sky Brewing, Missoula Montana

Big Sky Brewing in Missoula Montana was my unicorn. I had visited Missoula Montana an uncountable amount of times and had been unsuccessful in stopping at Big Sky Brewing every time until my last visit. In all fairness I had only made one real attempt to go to the brewery before, letting my dimwitted GPS Samantha, lead the way to the brewery. Samantha can always be relied upon to get me lost and on the first attempt to visit Big Sky Brewing she did just that. I got frustrated and decided that the winery that she had led me to would be sufficient. I am sure it was her apology to me for her lack of providing the service her company promised me, giving me directions to where I ask her to take me. Continue reading

Concerts At The Gorge At George And Sage Advice From My Mom

Gorge At George

Entrance to the Gorge Amphitheater

When I was in my late teens my mom said to me “Go to as many concerts as you can”. Although her statement was simple the meaning behind it was important to her. Like most parents they want their children to have a better life than they did, experience more, be successful and lead a life they are proud of. Continue reading

A Brewery At The Top Of A Mountain: DruBru Snoqualmie Pass Washington

DruBru Snoqualmie Pass

DruBru Snoqualmie Pass Washington

Some say that it is the journey, not the destination that is the most important part of the trip. As a lover or road trips I am a believer of this theory. Although the destination often gives me the achievement of reaching my goals for either the day, the purpose of the trip or checking off a bucket list item, it is often the path that gets me there that is the most enjoyable.

During my mid-summer trip to Western Washington my path had me making a brief stop at the summit of Snoqualmie pass at DruBru Brewery. At the time of my visit the brewery was just about 6 months old. Although the brewery was still in it’s infant stages a warm and inviting tasting room paired up with flavorful beers could convince you else wise. The brewery at the time of my visit was self-distributing to 75 bars. According to their website, as of April 2015, they are now distributing to 80 bars, mostly located in western and central Washington. Continue reading

Olympic Peninsula Beaches: 1st Beach, 2nd Beach, Rialto Beach & Ruby Beach

Olympic Peninsula Beaches

Second Beach

While visiting the Olympic Peninsula last year I decided to do something I rarely do, go to the beach. I do not visit beaches often because I am pale skinned and sunburn easily. I have even been know to burn in the shade.  However the Olympic Peninsula Beaches are not your typical beaches. They are often socked in by fog and mist that camouflages the sun, which leads me to believe they are the right kind of beaches for this pale girl! Continue reading

Fish Tail Brewing Olympia Washington

Fish Tail Brewing Olympia Washington

Fish Tail Brewing Olympia Washington

Earlier in my trip I had visited my friend Amy, who lives north of Seattle. She knew that I was going to make a stop in Forks and at the Hoh Rain Forest so she recommended that I stop by Fish Tail Brewing in Olympia Washington on my way home. It was taking the long way home but I have said it before and I will say it again sometimes I go great distances for beer.

It was late in the afternoon when I arrived to Olympia and I still had not had lunch yet. Fortunately Fist Tail Brewing offered a food menu in addition to their beers, which came in handy as I could take out two birds with one stone. Pump myself full of both beer and food. I walked into the taproom, adorably called The Fish Bowl, and found myself a seat at the bar. I skimmed over the beer list that is comprised mostly of organic ales. Organic is not a term that one can throw around in the United States. To officially call your product organic it has to be certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). And while I do not believe organic beer is superior over other beers at least I can rest assure that the beer was made with ingredients that will not grow a foot out of my head! Continue reading

Hikes In The Hoh Rain Forest Olympic National Park

Hikes In The Hoh Rain Forest

Hikes In The Hoh Rain Forest

As cliche as it is, I often find myself looking for the iconic shots of the certain places that I visit. Arches National Park, you bet I took a photo of Delicate Arch. Santa Monica Pier, yep, I have a photo of the sign leading down to the pier. Chicago, of course a photo of The Bean is in my possession. So when I arrived to the Hoh Rain Forest I went looking for the cute old phone booth covered in a layer of moss, that I had seen several photos of when researching the Hoh Rain Forest. I was perplexed with where the phone booth covered in moss was as I stood near the visitor center. After ten minutes or so of being unsuccessful in locating the phone booth I took out my cell phone to google the location of the phone booth. It was both ironic and disappointing. Ironic in the fact that I was using a phone to find a phone and disappointing as my cell phone revealed that the phone booth had been taken down and was no longer at the Hoh Rain Forest thus taking away all cliche photographers hopes of capturing the photo of the mossy phone booth. Continue reading

Becoming a Twi-hard in Forks Washington

Twi-hard in Forks Washington

The treaty line on the way out to LaPush

I have to admit something.  I have never read the Twilight Trilogy. Now I will wait for a collective gasp from some of you, especially given the title of this post. I was on the fence about visiting Forks Washington. Mostly because there was not much there, and what was, centered around the love affair between Bella and Edward. And while that did not completely deter me, my true reason for visiting the area was the Hoh Rain Forest. Forks was nearest town to the Hoh Rain Forest so it made logical sense to stay in Forks. Continue reading

The Adorable Town of Port Gamble Washington

Port Gamble Washington

Port Gamble Washington

I rarely leave much to chance when I am traveling. It is why I believe I am destine to travel alone. I plan my trips out very detailed and from the people I have traveled with it seems to be that I am the only one who likes that. Most seasoned travelers say this method of planned travel is not the way, but for me it works. I think a lot of it has to do with traveling with a dog as we are restricted to where we can and can not go based on dog friendliness.

While on a road trip last summer, without Boomer, I was traveling along the Olympic Peninsula, a place I believe I have never been before. We will fact check with my dad right now. He will usually leave a note in the comment section if I say I have not been somewhere when in fact I have. Let’s just say he is keeping me honest with you. We traveled a lot when I was a kid and I am sure you can forgive me. I do after all drink a lot of beer and that has to account for some, if not all of my memory loss. Continue reading

Like-mindedness at Scuttlebutt Resturant and Pub Everett Washington

Scuttlebutt Brewing Everett Washington

Scuttlebutt Brewing Everett Washington

It is funny when you are friends with someone and you have not seen them in awhile, and then when you do meet up, without even discussing it, they suggest to meet at the same place that you were going to suggest meeting up at before you can say “let’s meet here”.

Most likely it was not a coincidence as we both like beer, so when my friend Amy suggested meeting at Scuttlebutt Restaurant and Pub in Everett Washington, I was delighted with her suggestion. I was traveling from Idaho to Washington for a dog treat show last summer that happened to be near Amy’s home. I would stay with her for the weekend, which was not only great to catch up with my friend, but also helped spread the word about my dog treat business to Western Washington. Continue reading