Leaving Paw Tracks Along Payette River Scenic Byway Idaho

Payette River Scenic Byway Idaho

Payette River Scenic Byway Idaho

My home state Idaho is known for many things. We grow potatoes. Our college football team plays on blue Smurf Turf.  Our state’s gem is the Star Garnet, found only in two places in the world, in Idaho and Africa.  We are home to the desert but also stellar mountain ranges such as the Sawtooths and Selkirks.  We are also home to an array of scenic byways, such as the Payette River Scenic Byway. Continue reading

Paws For Beer 2017 Beer Advent Calendar Review

2017 Beer Advent Calendar Review

A beer tree for Christmas

Last week I rounded up our year of travels so my last task for the year is to round up my 2017 Beer Advent calendar. I was pretty successful this year with only having two repeat beers on my beer list. And I actually did it on purpose, not because I forgot like I did last year. It was the Luponic #007 from Firestone Walker and worth a repeat and the Bad Santa from Pelican Brewing.  Also worth a second glass. Continue reading

Hiking to Roman Nose Lakes Trail #165 Bonners Ferry Idaho

Roman Nose Lakes Trail

Roman Nose Lower Lake

It was early in the summer season and the dogs and I decided to venture out on a hike that I had always wanted to do, but never got around to. Mostly because it was in my own backyard. And when you’re a traveler, you tend to travel away from your backyard. But this summer we made a commitment to stay in the area and explore all that North Idaho has to offer. Continue reading

Leaving empty pint glasses all over North Idaho. 10 Breweries you should try.

North Idaho Breweries

Drink Local Beer

Last week I wrote about the closing of two of my local breweries and the importance of drinking local as well as trying our best to give our money to small breweries and businesses as opposed to the big beer conglomerates like Bud, Coors, and Miller.

In the spirit of carrying on this support for drinking local, I am sharing my favorite local breweries in North Idaho. Continue reading