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A brief love affair at Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming
Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming

As I sat at the bar sipping on my beer a handsome gentleman sat down next to me. I glanced over, giving a slight side-eye. Mostly to see if someone was joining him, but the seat next to him remained vacant. It was an oddity to me, as someone like myself, I usually give a one seat buffer between me and anyone else. So this sitting right next to me caused a slight eyebrow raise from me. He was in my personal bubble space and there were plenty of open seats to give me my one seat buffer. I will be honest with you, this one seat buffer mandate I have is probably some of the reason I am still single. So this dude sat right next to me, maybe it meant something and just as I took a breath to gathered my courage to introduce myself it happened…

He ordered water…
And just like that the love affair was over…

As I got over my breakup with the “water guy” I continued to sip on the beer. Isn’t there a saying that you will find all your answers at the bottom of your beer glass? I don’t know, maybe not. I did not find any answers that day, just confusion as to why anyone would order just water at a brewery. These people fall into the same category as someone who orders wine at a brewery. Why, why do you do that? Go to a winery, it is what they are good at. You would never see me order beer at a winery. No, I order beer at a brewery and wine at a winery. It’s unnatural to order the opposite.

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming
Firemost Triple IPA

The beer I had been nursing during this breakup was the Firemost Triple IPA. It was a brave decision as it was an 11% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and a 100 International Bittering Unit (IBU). The traditional scale of the IBU is from 1 to 100, with 100 being the most bitter. Although there are brewers out there pushing the envelope past 100, and for that we thank them. The highest IBU that I have ever had is 180. The beer is named appropriately Hopnoxious and comes from Sockeye Brewing in Boise Idaho.

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming
beer list at Q Roadhouse & Brewing

The Firemost Triple IPA was impressive. It may have had a 100 IBU, but it was no where near the aggressive hop flavor I had expected from such a high IBU. Not that I mind intense hop flavor as I have come to expect it with my IPAs. This beer has a nice hop balance and a clean finish. Although I recommend only having one as an 11% IBU is like drinking wine. And probably convinces you that the innocent boy sitting next to you is a potential suitor and not just a normal boy looking for a glass of water unaware of your weird bubble space issues.

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming
Catfish over rice

Dinner for one was next on my agenda. The menu was upscale pub food with most dinner entrees averaging around mid to high $20 USD. I felt adventurous as I looked over the menu, perhaps I was trying to reinvent myself after the breakup. I ordered the catfish over rice and felt validated in my selection as the waiter commended my choice. Once my food arrived and I tasted it, I agreed with the waiter. The fish had a smoky delightful flavor that paired up well with the spicy flavors that were used along with the IPA I was drinking.

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming
Rhombus IPA

I had finished my meal and decided to try one last beer before leaving. As I reviewed the beer list I found that this brewery does not take ABV lightly. Most of the beers were over 7%, which is not too shabby. I selected the Rhombus IPA, a 7.5 ABV with a 77 IBU. I really liked this beer. It had some nice citrus notes which I always love. According to the tasting notes there are floral hops used as well, which I did not taste and you would know by reading any of my beer reviews that I am no fan of floral hops! One crucial mistake I did make while at Q Roadhouse was not trying the Patrick Swayson, a Belgian Farmhouse Ale. Hilarious.

Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming
Q Roadhouse & Brewing, Wilson Wyoming

The Q Roadhouse & Brewing is located in Wilson Wyoming on 2550 Moose Wilson Rd.

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