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A Hidden Gem: Skookum Brewery in Arlington Washington

Skookum Brewery in Arlington Washington
Skookum Brewery in Arlington Washington

Don’t judge it from the outside my friend Amy said to me as we stepped out of her car and walked into Skookum Brewery. I laughed a little as I looked at the building, not because it was funny, but because it was funny that Amy thought I had not walked into places that looked just like this all the time.

And I’ll apologize now, I didn’t take a photo of Skookum Brewery from the outside. To¬†describe it to you can simply be put that it has an industrial look to it. Not industrial chic, just industrial. Which is not a bad thing. The building just looks like an old warehouse converted into a brewery. And there’s nothing better than converting an old warehouse into a brewery, am I right?

Skookum Brewery in Arlington Washington
Bromo, the social butterfly!

Skookum Brewery is located in Arlington Washington, which is about an hour north of Seattle on I-5. Although their beer is pretty tasty, what I liked best about their brewery is that they are dog friendly. In fact they are so dog friendly they have an entire page on their website devoted to the Dogs of Skookum. I did not have Boomer or Buddy with me, but Amy brought her dog Bromo along with us.

Amy and her husband Kevin had high reviews of the beer at Skookum so I was excited to taste test my way through Skookum’s beer. I ordered a tasting platter, which consisted of 5 tastes picked by yours truly.

My first taste was the Angel Ale. I picked this beer because of my love for dry hopping and rye, which this beer had both. It had a fairly low Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of 4.2%. It was a decent beer but lacked a lot of hop punch for a dry hop. Although in fairness it was an ale, not an IPA, so an overpowering hop flavor may have been unwelcome by someone who doesn’t enjoy IPA’s.

I tried the Olde Tom IPA next. This one was highly recommend by my friends and was a petty flavorful beer . It had a nice 6.1% ABV with notes of grapefruit. I liked this beer so much that I ordered a full pint after my tasting platter was completed.

My next taste was the Jackass IPA. This 7.3% ABV was a blast of citrus from the Citra hops. Although this beer was good I much preferred the Olde Tom IPA and my next taste, the Mammoth Jack.

The Mammoth Jack is a double IPA with an 8.2% ABV and the rye makes another appearance in this beer. This was my favorite beer taste of the night and earned a victory lap when I ordered a pint of this after I had made my way through the tasting platter.

My last taste of the night was the Citra Black. This beer I had high hopes for as it had a lot of characteristics of beers that I am really enjoying right now. The citra hop, which gives the beer a nice citrus flavor and pairs nicely with a malty, roasted flavor and a 6.8% ABV.  This beer was tasty but not a repeat offender for me.

The Skookum Brewery may not be flashy from the outside but inside they have an awesome selection of beers. The brewery is fairly open with visibility to the fermenting tanks with pub tables and picnic tables scattered about as well as bar seating, which creates a nice roomy atmosphere that lends itself well to bringing your dog along with you.

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