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Bayern Brewery, Missoula Montana

Bayern Brewery Missoula Montana
Bayern Brewery Missoula Montana

I am always looking for a reason to stop in Missoula Montana when ever I am near. Today’s reason would be Bayern Brewing. This was my first time to their brewery, although not my first time having their beer. The brewery is outfitted with both indoor and outdoor seating. I selected indoor seating as I am most comfortable located at the bar. If you were to see me at a bar, you would see me at my happiest.

Bayern Brewery Missoula Montana
beer choices at Bayern Brewery

I wedged myself in at the crowed bar and perused the beer line up. Although there were familiar favorites such as Dancing Trout and the St Wilbur Weizen I decided to go with a beer I had not tried before. I ordered the Dump Truck Summer Bock. The name is a bit of a mouthful but it is worth it as this fun light and unfiltered beer is a delight on the taste buds. The name of the beer does not reference the heavy equipment truck like you may think. Named by the Master Brewer, this beer gets it’s name from the rafting term when a boat flips and everything is dumped into the water that is not tied down. Here’s hoping your beer is tied down!

It was October and Oktoberfest time. I could not pass up an Oktoberfest beer, especially one made by a brewery who’s beers are Bavarian inspired. I watched the beer pour into the glass and was pleasantly surprised by the dark richness in color. Dark Oktoberfest beers are my favorite. With a 6.0 ABV this beer was a perfect ending to my beer tastings for the day. According to the brewing notes on Bayern’s website this beer is brewed to the standards of the Brewer’s Guide of Munich where I think Munich knows a thing or two about brewing beer… and they are pretty much experts on Oktoberfest!

Bayern Brewery Missoula Montana
Bayern Brewery Missoula Montana

I also found some interesting facts about Bayern Brewing on their site. Similar to Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City, Bayern is contributing to the eco-friendly brewing process. They recycle their bottles, cans, paper and cardboard used in the taproom and reuse their cardboard carriers and cases. Also spent grain is sent to local farms to feed the cattle. They contribute to water conservation by offsetting their consumption with efficient water use while brewing and recycling what water they do use, passing it off to ranchers, wildlife/ecosystems or recreation purposes. Lastly they donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Dancing Trout to the water restoration efforts for the trout habitat. It is nice to see breweries, or even just companies in general, taking responsibility for their impact and making it right!

I grabbed myself a growler of the Oktoberfest to go and I started my way home. Bayern Brewing was my last stop of my Idaho/Utah and Montana trip. I had a trip full of amazing memories that I would remember for years to come. Although plagued with somewhat disappointing weather Boomer and I had a great time exploring Idaho, Utah and Montana.

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Oh, nice! This looks like a good place to visit. I’m running the Missoula Marathon this summer. I’ll have to check out Bayern after the race (work hard, play hard).

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