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Beer Custard Ice Cream

I was inspired last summer by a post I read on Unbrave Girl’s blog. While she was traveling she was at an ice cream shop and tried some beer flavored ice cream.  Beer ice cream – this sounds like it would be right up my alley. Now I was left with the task of figuring out how to make beer into ice cream!

I used this recipe to start with.  This recipe is inspired by The Awl’s Beer Ice Cream Recipe.  It is technically a custard ice cream as it has an egg base to it. Also note that this is a two day process – so prep yourself accordingly (meaning don’t be disappointed that you won’t have ice cream ready by the time you finish reading this blog post)

What you will need for making beer ice cream is:

4 egg yokes
½ cup white sugar
1 cup of beer ( I used a chocolate stout)
1 cup heavy whipping cream
Ice Cream Maker

The first step is to get the yokes into a bowl. As you can tell from this photo I am an expert at that…I got one yoke out without breaking it! But you’ll be whisking them up so it probably doesn’t matter.

beer ice cream ingreidents
my ability to get the yokes out of the eggs is amazing, isn’t it!

Next add the sugar and whisk away.

making beer ice cream
add the sugar and whisk

Take the beer and the whipping cream and heat them up in a medium size pot, slowly so you do not curdle the cream. You will want to bring this to a simmer.

Take the beer/cream and slowly add it to the egg/sugar mixture. Again make you sure you do this slowly as to not cook the eggs. You will whisk again until everything is mixed well and hopefully not end up with scrambled eggs.

making beer ice cream
adding in the warm beer/milk mixture as to not cook the eggs!

Now that everything is tempered you will add it back into the pot and heat on low. Stir occasionally while the mixture thickens up for about 5 minutes.

The last task for day one is to add the mixture back into the bowl, cover it and place it in the fridge for an overnight stay (5 hours minimum).

beer ice cream
prepping the ice cream maker to make beer ice cream!

Once the mixture has chilled overnight it is time to make the ice cream. Set up your ice cream maker as per the manufacture’s instructions, add the mixture and let the machine do the rest. I churned for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes I scooped out the ice cream and watched it quickly melt. It was soft serve consistency on a “hot day”. I moved it quickly to the freezer to get it back to an ice cream consistency!

making beer ice cream
churning the beer ice cream
beer ice cream before freezing
slightly too soft for ice cream!

I will have to experiment with beer flavors as it is quite prevalent in the flavor of the ice cream.  The beer I used I had never tasted before and had a pretty strong coffee flavor to it… something I am not fond of.

beer for beer ice cream
Here is the beer I used for the ice cream

I may switch back to the stout that I use for the chocolate stout cupcakes as it has a good chocolate balance and was a beer that I would drink on it’s own. Like they say with wine, cook with what you would drink.

Beer Ice Cream
The finished product!

I forgot to add my extra ingredients, heath bar chips and peanuts, so I will have to make this again. I am also going to experiment more with the ice cream machine as the amount of ice cream I got was not a lot. If I am going to the effort of making the ice cream I want to make sure I get enough for the effort 🙂

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