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Beer Tasting at Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado

Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado
Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado

Located in a historic brick building complete with a ghost sign of J.F Warren Storage is Two Rascals Brewing in Montrose Colorado. Once I stepped inside I looked for a place to sit.  There I was greeted by two helpful guys at the bar, telling me I could sit anywhere, except there and pointed at a random table and chuckled. I gave them an eyebrow raise and a slight smile, letting them know I found them only slightly funny. I contemplated just dropping my purse on the table they had pointed at and plopping myself down. Really what were they going to do?

But instead I found myself a table in the corner, because apparently you can’t put Baby in the corner but you can put Brittany in the corner. I ordered a flight of 6 beers, which arrived shortly thereafter. A food menu was given to me, but I passed on food, mostly because the waitress never came back to take my order. Oops. The food menu was tight, consisting of beef or chicken burgers or chicken tenders, fries or a salad. Pricing is all under $10 USD.

Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado
Tasting flight at Two Rascals

I started off with my first beer, The Cran Spruce. This beer is made with spruce buds and no hops. Not necessarily uncommon, but also not mainstream. This beer has no listed Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and does not have an International Bittering Unit (IBU) because there are no hops used, which is what the bittering unit is measuring. The spruce flavor was much more bold than the cranberry flavor.

My next taste was the Brown RAS. When I selected this beer from the board I assumed it was a brown raspberry. I was correct in my assumption but what the board neglected to also say was SOUR. Now I like sour beers but when you are not expecting a sour beer it kind of catches you off guard. It would be like bitting into a grapefruit slice when you thought it was an orange. Once I got over my initial shock I found this beer to be an interesting sour, light on raspberry flavor and full of pucker. I have not seen a lot of dark sours but this worked. A 5.8 ABV and an unlisted IBU.

Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado
beer sampler at Two Rascals

I moved on to the Anonymous Amber, a 5.5% ABV with yet another unlisted IBU. This beer is classified as a red ale and an American amber. I assume the IBU was low because I did not taste much more than a malty backbone, something I would find more in a red ale. Which I did find in the my next beer, the Irish Red Ale. A 4.5% ABV and you guessed it, no listed IBU. This beer was a nice red ale, malty with very little hop bite.

I was starting to feel discouraged as I had not found “the beer”.  You know the one that really resonates with you. Most of their beers were good, but nothing was knocking my socks off so to say. Until I tasted the Chai Stout. Now before you scoff, wait a second. Tea leaves and hop leaves are similar. I have had tea infused beer before, from Great Northern out of Whitefish Montana and if you are ever there and see it on the tap list, give it a try. Just like you should give this Chai Stout a try. This was the beer that knocked my socks off. I loved the flavor. It was smooth, velvety and delightful. The neighboring table described it as “Christmas in a glass” and that it was.

I ended my tasting with the Incognito IPA. This beer has a 6.25 ABV and no listed IBU. This beer was not very hop forward but finished with a bit of a bite. It was a decent IPA but it did leave me longing for more of the Chai Stout, so I ordered a full pint glass of that before I went. And Christmas came twice that day.

Two Rascals Brewing is located at 147 N 1st Street.

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