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Blue Heron French Cheese Company, Tillamook Oregon

blue heron french cheese company
Blue Heron French Cheese Company

While at the Tillamook Cheese Factory I overheard someone mention that there was another cheese factory in the area with I quote “better cheese than Tillamook”. I thought to my self ‘I’ll be the judge of that’.

blue heron french cheese company
That pasty white hand looks tasty

I found the Blue Heron French Cheese Factory along with a small goat petting zoo outside. Since I love animals I decided I would pet some goats before going in. The goats were adorable and as I reached out to pet one of them he bit me. So it was really more of a biting zoo, but I’m sure it was my fault. Above is the little devil above who bit me, just in case you find yourself in Tillamook and wanting to pet some goats but want to keep all of your fingers.

blue heron french cheese company
No biting here!

I moved inside to taste some cheese. In hindsight I remember that I did not wash my hands after having them gnawed on and I am suddenly grossed out by myself.

Although it was a cheese company I found their cheese selection scaled down substantially from Tillamook’s. Tastings were all brie cheese, so not my total favorite, but it made sense as it was a French inspired cheese company. The tastings were regular brie, smoked brie, herb brie and pepper brie. The herb and pepper brie were my favorites from the tastings.

As I looked around the gift and cheese shop I spotted a wine tasting room in the back. Yes, this was much more my speed. I wiggled my way between two large groups and awaited my tastings. The wine host was knowledgeable in her wines, which their selection was an impressive spread, although not all made by Blue Heron’s. As I tasted through my flight I selected a bottle of the Blue Heron Pinot Gris for purchase. It was a tasty, fruity wine that would pair well with cheese! Which you could buy a bottle and some cheese to enjoy both of them while there. There is also a cafe with food options ranging from cold sandwiches, grilled paninis and daily specials. The deli is open daily from 11am to 4pm.

I had finished my tastings, purchased my wine and was about to leave when the wine host had a small pour left over of port wine. As I had never had a port before and she was a lover of port she poured me the last of the bottle. Before I took a sip she said “you either love port or you hate it”. I took a sip and she took one look at my face and said “so you hate it”. I lied to her and said it was good. She was right and it was likely obvious that I did not like it as it is impossible for me to hide any emotion on my face. Port is a sweet wine mixed with brandy, which I am not a fan of brandy. The wine host shared a story with all of us at the bar that she had visited Spain, a larger producer of port wine, with two empty suitcases so she could bring back as much port as customs would allow her. Let’s be honest I’d probably do the same for beer.

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The first home Brittany lived in was a small log cabin. That cabin was suppose to be converted into a goat milking building after a larger family home was built. The larger home was built when Brittany was 6. We never did get any goats.

I’ve always heard of Tillamook’s Cheese Factory. Glad to see there’s another one within the area too and that there’s a wine tasting room. I love the story of the wine host bringing that much wine back on empty suitcases. I’m not a fan of port either but I do love brie. I hope to visit this part of Oregon soon.

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