Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016

Another travel year in the books!  Here is our Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016. Our 2016 travel schedule started early this year with a January trip to Thayne Wyoming to pick up the newest addition to our family, Jovi. Jovi had been patiently waiting for about a month for … Continue reading

Paws For Beer Utah/Colorado/Arizona/Wyoming Wrap Up

What started out as our spring trip turned out to be Boomer’s and my only trip together last year. It was disappointing that Boomer stayed home for the rest of the year but we did have an enjoyable time on our spring trip together. Below is a wrap up of … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Arizona 2002 : Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West

I do not think I realized the magnitude of what I was about to visit at the time. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. In hindsight I pretty much want to slap myself silly for not understanding just how amazing this was. It was officially the first FLW house I ever … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Arizona 2002 : Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale Arizona

I find it ironic that Phoenix International Raceway is called Phoenix when it is actually located in Avondale Arizona but whatever we will let them call it whatever they want :-). I still remember vividly walking up to the NASCAR track for the first time. My heart was filled with … Continue reading