Familiarity Found At Barbarian Brewery Garden City Idaho

Sometimes the beer world can be small. As I sat at Barbarian Brewery, 500 miles away from home, I ordered myself a tasting flight and glanced to the left as I waited. I locked eyes with a familiar face. But this face perplexed me as it made no sense to … Continue reading

Milestone Beer Drinking At Boise Brewing Boise Idaho

I go to a lot of breweries by myself. Some may judge me for that because I drink alone. Not like George Thorogood drinking alone, but still alone. Fortunately, the bartenders at Boise Brewing were friendly and engaging, so I was a little less alone while trying out Boise Brewing’s … Continue reading

Beer Tasting At Daft Badger Brewing, Coeur D’Alene Idaho

You know the saying “don’t poke the bear”? So it means don’t provoke the person, right? Well I have a similar saying except I replace the bear with a badger. Why? Because a badger is way more scary than a bear. Badgers are rarely seen, somewhat vicious and nocturnal. These … Continue reading

Portneuf Valley Brewing, Pocatello Idaho

Brewing beer dates back 6000 years where it is believed that the brewing profession was heavily dominated by women. The oldest documented recipe for beer dates back 3900 years with a reference to Ninkasi, the goddess of alcohol, who is sometimes referred to as the goddess of brewing.

Beer Tasting at Wallace Brewing, Wallace Idaho

Beer Tasting at Wallace Brewing

I am always a fan of when a brewery embraces their heritage. Wallace Brewing is located in Wallace Idaho, a town known for mining. The logo of Wallace Brewing is a miner’s helmet and two pick axes. But this is not where the mining references stop. Majority of the beer … Continue reading