Why you should check out Beaverhead Brewing Dillon Montana

The phone rang with the question “Are you enjoying your beer at Beaverhead Brewing?” I quickly looked around the tap-room perplexed, looking for my dad. His voice was on the other end of the phone. He was of course not there, but he did have a very detailed itinerary that … Continue reading

A Historic Brewery In An Old Mining Town: Butte Brewing Butte Montana

I have been frequenting Butte Montana a lot in the past year. Although Butte is probably best known for it’s mining history, Butte does have a pretty decent beer scene. Butte Brewing is fairly new on the beer scene however.  Well sort of. The original Butte Brewing was established in … Continue reading

Checking off every brewery: Imagine Nation Brewing, Missoula Montana

I like to visit Missoula Montana often. I have written about it a lot, as well as my fondness for Montana in general. If I ever decided to move it would most likely be to Montana and most likely Missoula. My love for Missoula centers mostly around beer and I … Continue reading

Capturing The Holy Grail of Beer at Big Sky Brewing, Missoula Montana

Big Sky Brewing in Missoula Montana was my unicorn. I had visited Missoula Montana an uncountable amount of times and had been unsuccessful in stopping at Big Sky Brewing every time until my last visit. In all fairness I had only made one real attempt to go to the brewery … Continue reading

Great Burn Brewing in Missoula Montana

On August 20th 1910 a firestorm ripped through Idaho and Montana leaving a path of 3 million acres decimated. Historians would later refer to this fire as “The Big Burn”, “The Great Fire of 1910” and “The Big Blowup”. The forest still wears its scars to this day and the … Continue reading

Helena Brew Fest, Helena Montana

I am always looking for a reason to visit Montana. It’s beautiful scenery, fast speed limits and well let’s be honest… the beer! My friend Jen, Boomer and I headed over to Helena in the morning last summer. It was a bit of a drive but we did not mind … Continue reading

Great Northern Brewing, Whitefish Montana

When I was in elementary school the local newspaper asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. There were the typical answers of firefighter, astronaut and then my response, an Olympic skier who wins a gold medal and lives in Whitefish Montana. It was a pretty specific … Continue reading