A Brewery At The Top Of A Mountain: DruBru Snoqualmie Pass Washington

Some say that it is the journey, not the destination that is the most important part of the trip. As a lover or road trips I am a believer of this theory. Although the destination often gives me the achievement of reaching my goals for either the day, the purpose … Continue reading

Like-mindedness at Scuttlebutt Resturant and Pub Everett Washington

Scuttlebutt Brewing Everett Washington

It is funny when you are friends with someone and you have not seen them in awhile, and then when you do meet up, without even discussing it, they suggest to meet at the same place that you were going to suggest meeting up at before you can say “let’s … Continue reading

A Hidden Gem: Skookum Brewery in Arlington Washington

Don’t judge it from the outside my friend Amy said to me as we stepped out of her car and walked into Skookum Brewery. I laughed a little as I looked at the building, not because it was funny, but because it was funny that Amy thought I had not … Continue reading

Taste testing beer at Redhook Brewery, Woodenville Washington

While I was driving through Washington State in December I decided to make a beer day of it. My first stop was Redhook Brewery in Woodinville. About 30 minutes away from Seattle, Woodinville is not the bustling city that Seattle is. Woodinville is more rolling hills filled with wineries such as … Continue reading

Caught drinking beer at school! The Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop Washington

I was never that adventurous while I was still in school to be caught drinking beer… but as an adult I have no problem being caught drinking beer at school.  Although this particular school doesn’t have children in it anymore and has been converted into a brewery so it’s less … Continue reading

Columbia Valley Brewing, Wenatchee Washington

Although Leavenworth does have hotels I found it to be much more economical to stay in Wenatchee Washington. That and Columbia Valley Brewing in Wenatchee was not to be missed while we were in the area.