Trip Rewind Las Vegas: Freemont Street at Night and Daytime

After we returned from our visit to the Valley of Fire we were in need of dinner.  Amy decided to turn in for the night and Laura contacted the married couple to see if they would join us. They decided not to meet us.  I will save you most of … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Las Vegas: Paris Hotel Eiffel Tower Ride / The Valley of Fire

Amy and I had gotten ready the next day earlier than the rest of the group. We left Laura getting ready in the hotel room and who knows what the married couple were doing – perhaps wringing themselves out from being a wet blanket? During our wait Amy and I … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Las Vegas: Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West is located closest to Las Vegas. It is not actually part of the Grand Canyon National Park, but part of the Hualapai American Indian Reservation. In my opinion the difference in scenery is minimal and by visiting Grand Canyon West it will save you an additional 5 … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Las Vegas: Visiting Hoover Dam

After grabbing a quick breakfast, my friends and I piled into the car. Our destination was the Hoover Dam, a short 45 minute drive from Vegas. We had been planning the Vegas trip for around 6 months, so I was pretty confident that everyone knew what was planned and could … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Las Vegas: Walking the Vegas Strip

After I returned from my driving experience it was now time to experience Vegas. I was hungry after I tried my hand at being a NASCAR driver so our first stop was going to be Cabo Wabo Cantina, located near the Planet Hollywood hotel. Cabo Wabo held a special spot … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Las Vegas: A 3 lap ride-along at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

I set my alarm for 6:30am. Waking up this early in Vegas seemed unnatural. Not that people are up at 6:30am, but most of those people had yet to go to bed from the night before. I had gone to bed early the day before as I had an important … Continue reading

Trip Rewind Las Vegas: Childhood Memories VS Adult Memories of Las Vegas

My first memory of Las Vegas was when I was around 12 years old. My parents, best friend and I were headed to California and briefly stopped in Vegas. It was late, most likely around midnight and my mom was adamant about seeing the Vegas strip, even against my dad’s … Continue reading