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Paws For Beer Year In Review – 2017

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

It is the end of another year and I always like to reflect back on my travels. This year was a slight hiccup though. The beginning of the year started out a bit rough with some financial and emotional lows. It resulted in me spontaneously jetting off to Las Vegas in February to see Bon Jovi in concert.

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If You Throw A Temper Tantrum In The Woods And No One Sees It, Did It Really Happen?

falling when hiking
I was happy at the start of the trail

I heard the rumble of gravel as my hiking boot skated across the rocks. Gravity, like a bitch, began to yank me down to the ground. I heard a loud popping noise as my ankle flexed the wrong way.  It was the kind of noise you never want to hear a body part make. As I continued to fall to the ground I thought to myself “this was it, I was going to break something today”