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How We Almost Missed The Boat In Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Cruise to Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Me channeling my inner pirate!

Puerto Vallarta was our last stop on our Mexican cruise. After this day we would have two full days steaming back to California.

We arrived on a beautiful day to Puerto Vallarta and departed from the boat for an early morning excursion. While we filled out information form the excursion, Laura and I made friends with this Green Macaw. I’m pretty sure this resulted in me thinking I was a pirate for the rest of the day. And let’s be honest – I do love rum!

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A Helicopter Tour of Glacier National Park

A Helicopter Tour of Glacier National Park
Our helicopter

I had waited 28 years to visit Glacier National Park. 28 years and I lived only 4 hours away. It’s a pretty embarrassing fact if you ask me. Another fact is that the glaciers in Glacier NP are melting at a pretty rapid rate. There is a prediction out there that all the glaciers will be gone by 2030…. that’s only 15 years away!

When I planned my first trip to Glacier it was in May. May was not necessarily the best time to visit but it is what worked out for my visit. Weather is usually unpredictable at that time of year, meaning it could still be snowing. Although I did not experience any snow on this trip, there were a few slushy days. Or as our weatherman calls it “snain”. Which I’m sure whoever coined that term thinks they’re pretty clever 🙂

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Why I Will Never “Car Camp” Again

car camping mishap
Looks like a nice enough car, right?

Have you ever come up with a plan to solve a problem and only after you have partially implemented the plan you think to yourself what the hell was I thinking?