Like-mindedness at Scuttlebutt Resturant and Pub Everett Washington

Scuttlebutt Brewing Everett Washington

It is funny when you are friends with someone and you have not seen them in awhile, and then when you do meet up, without even discussing it, they suggest to meet at the same place that you were going to suggest meeting up at before you can say “let’s … Continue reading

A Hidden Gem: Skookum Brewery in Arlington Washington

Don’t judge it from the outside my friend Amy said to me as we stepped out of her car and walked into Skookum Brewery. I laughed a little as I looked at the building, not because it was funny, but because it was funny that Amy thought I had not … Continue reading

How We Almost Missed The Boat In Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta was our last stop on our Mexican cruise. After this day we would have two full days steaming back to California. We arrived on a beautiful day to Puerto Vallarta and departed from the boat for an early morning excursion. While we filled out information form the excursion, … Continue reading