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Trip Rewind Canada 2009: Icefields Parkway, Alberta

icefields parkway
Athabasca Glacier

After visiting Lake Louise, Drama Papa and I headed north along the Icefields Parkway. This parkway is peculiar to me as it is inside a national park but also a main highway along with highway speeds. National Parks are well known for their slow speed limits but we were able to zip right along. 

Canada Travels with Friends

Trip Rewind 2009: Moraine Lake and Lake Louise Alberta

Visiting Moraine Lake and Lake Louise Alberta
Moranie Lake

This trip was life changing for me (I know I’ve been sharing a lot of those lately!). It changed me, not because of the stunning mountains, wild animals or beautiful lakes, but because it made me realize something about my traveling self. Be careful who you travel with…

In the summer of 2009 I planned a trip to Banff National Park for Drama Papa and myself. He had been there as a child and I had never been. I love glaciers and had mentioned my disappointment with the lack of glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Drama Papa said “if you want to see glaciers you need to go to Banff, you can walk right up to them”.

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Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

Visiting Oklahoma City National Memorial
The Survivor Tree

On April 19th, 1995 the United States witnessed it’s most devastating attack on home soil to that date. A rental truck packed with a bomb made of diesel-fuel-fertilizer was parked outside the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building located in the heart of Oklahoma City. At 9:02 am the explosion tore off the front of the building and took the lives of 168 people, with 19 of those being children, who were in the building’s daycare.

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Trip Rewind Arizona 2002 : Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West

frank lloyd wright taliesin west
Taliesin West in Arizona

I do not think I realized the magnitude of what I was about to visit at the time. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. In hindsight I pretty much want to slap myself silly for not understanding just how amazing this was. It was officially the first FLW house I ever toured but as you will read or have read, I now try to find a FLW house anytime I go anywhere. I am often heartbroken as many do not offer tours as they are still private residents. I guess it’s understandable – I would not want people traipsing through my private home either. But come on people – you own a Frank Lloyd Wright house!

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Wine Tasting in Washington State

Wine Tasting in Washington State
Wine Tasting in Washington State

Image Credit: Conner Dunn

Define irony… I’m writing a post about wine tasting while drinking beer. Shameful.

Now that I have my dirty secret out of the way lets get on to talking about wine tasting in Washington State!

According to Go Taste Wine’s website there are 691 wineries in the state of Washington. Just to give you an idea about how impressive that is, Napa Valley in California has approximately 626 operating wineries. I know I’m not comparing apples to apples as a state compared to part of a state is not fair, but I thought it was interesting none the less. Speaking of unfair comparisons Italy comes stumbling in like your favorite drunk Aunt for Christmas dinner with a whopping 1 million wineries. Now that’s a lot of wineries!

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Trip Rewind Arizona 2002 : Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale Arizona

Visiting Phoenix International Raceway
the entry to Phoenix International Raceway

I find it ironic that Phoenix International Raceway is called Phoenix when it is actually located in Avondale Arizona but whatever we will let them call it whatever they want :-).

I still remember vividly walking up to the NASCAR track for the first time. My heart was filled with excitement as I had spent most of my Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons watching races since I was 16 years old and now I was going to watch a race live!

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Searching for Sasquatch in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

Funny Canadian sign
They wouldn’t put up signs if he wasn’t real!

Perhaps you remember the commercials from the 1990’s, of a Sasquatch wondering around the Canadian forests with a case of Kokanee beer in his hand? Or maybe you don’t remember them, or believe me that you should always be on the lookout for the Sasquatch while in Canada. Check out that sign. The Canadians aren’t just going to put up this sign for no reason 😉 He’s gotta be out there!

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Bryce Canyon National Park Photo Essay

Bryce Canyon National Park
Entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park

Our trip to Utah focused primarily on Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. I had decided to not hike in Bryce Canyon, opting for a driving tour with Boomer instead. I was starting to feel guilty that I was boarding Boomer too much, even if he was making friends everywhere he went!

Here are some of our photos from Bryce Canyon National Park:

Bryce Canyon National Park
Fairview Point. Elevation 8819 ft
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Trip Rewind: 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver – The Events

I was thrilled to be going to the Olympics in Vancouver but in all honesty I was not overly excited about all the events we were going to. I would have loved to see some skiing, after all I never did achieve my Olympic skiing dreams it would have be nice to see someone fulfill their dream for gold.

2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver
You can see off in the distance where the snowline is on the Mountains.

It was a good and a bad thing that we did not have tickets to the ski events. Yes we were missing out but it was a horrible year for snow. Some of the ski events had to be postponed due to unseasonably warm weather, which was an odd problem since it was February and Canada. You would think of all places it would be cold and snowy but I do recall running around without my jacket on as it was that warm in Vancouver. Take in to consideration I am from Idaho and not somewhere like Arizona where cold is considered 68F degrees (20C) 🙂

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Trip Rewind Virginia: A NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway

Richmond NASCAR race
NASCAR race Richmond Virginia

Tropical Storm Hanna had finally moved on and we were ready for a Sunday full of NASCAR racing at Richmond International Raceway. Except the problem was that we had little information about when the race was actually going to start and once we headed to the track we got the pleasure of waiting in traffic way longer than anticipated. Uh oh…