Leaving empty pint glasses all over North Idaho. 10 Breweries you should try.

Last week I wrote about the closing of two of my local breweries and the importance of drinking local as well as trying our best to give our money to small breweries and businesses as opposed to the big beer conglomerates like Bud, Coors, and Miller. In the spirit of … Continue reading

Familiarity Found At Barbarian Brewery Garden City Idaho

Sometimes the beer world can be small. As I sat at Barbarian Brewery, 500 miles away from home, I ordered myself a tasting flight and glanced to the left as I waited. I locked eyes with a familiar face. But this face perplexed me as it made no sense to … Continue reading

My Nerdiness Is Exposed At Badass Backyard Brewing, Spokane Valley

As history tells us, it was the Egyptians who first developed beer. It was not men, but Egyptian women, who were crafting the beer. And for that, we thank these ladies. Fast forward to 2017 and we now find the beer industry heavily dominated by men. Although there are still … Continue reading