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Trip Rewind Virginia: A NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway

Richmond NASCAR race
NASCAR race Richmond Virginia

Tropical Storm Hanna had finally moved on and we were ready for a Sunday full of NASCAR racing at Richmond International Raceway. Except the problem was that we had little information about when the race was actually going to start and once we headed to the track we got the pleasure of waiting in traffic way longer than anticipated. Uh oh… 

Travels with Friends Trip Rewinds USA Mid-Atlantic Travels Virginia

Trip Rewind Virginia 2008: Touring Civil War sites of Richmond Virginia

Civil War Sites Near Richmond Virgina
Civil War Cannon

With a full day to explore Richmond Virginia while we waited for the NASCAR race, Amy, her family and I worked on coming up with a plan to spend our time. Due to the tropical storm weather we were slightly limited to indoor activities. Given our location were were able to take advantage of some Civil War Sites near Richmond Virgina.  Richmond after all was the location of the White House of the Confederacy.

Up first was Tredegar Iron Works, a building dedicated to the production of war goods for the Confederacy. Inside the building we found all sorts of artillery ranging from guns to cannons used during the Civil War and other historical artifacts.

Trip Rewinds USA Mid-Atlantic Travels Virginia

Trip Rewind Virginia: Williamsburg Winery, Williamsburg Virginia

Trip Rewinds are stories from my earlier travels prior to the Paws for Beer blog’s creation. The stories may be oldies, but hopefully you find them to be goodies 🙂

Over the next few postings I will tell you about my trip to Virginia in 2008.

It was another trip with another friend to visit who I had once worked with and now lived across the country. As usual I did not mind – I love to travel. In my opinion there is no better way to explore than with a local.