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Caught drinking beer at school! The Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop Washington

Old Schoolhouse Brewing, Winthrop Washington
Old Schoolhouse Brewing, Winthrop Washington

I was never that adventurous while I was still in school to be caught drinking beer… but as an adult I have no problem being caught drinking beer at school.  Although this particular school doesn’t have children in it anymore and has been converted into a brewery so it’s less shameful.  Here we check out the Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop Washington.

Located just down the street from all the fun of the 49’er parade my friends and I found ourselves a table and looked over their menu. It was later in the evening and I was definitely in need of food. I of course never steer off course and ordered myself a hamburger and fries as I believe nothing goes better with a beer.

I sipped on my beer, the New School ESB while we waited for our food to arrive. I had suddenly become hooked on ESB’s as of late. ESB stands for extra special/strong bitter. It had a 5.5% ABV and was quite tasty. ESB’s are darker than an IPA, which I am rarely a fan of but like an IPA, the bitterness apparently I was becoming accustom to. Who knows maybe I’ll start drinking IPA’s one day!

I also tried their Epiphany Pale Ale. An ABV of around 6%.  This was a lighter beer and had citrus undertones in it. It was a good choice but I found my next choice, Uncle Big’s Brown my best choice of the night. A 5.5% ABV this beer was dark and smooth and had a chocolate flavoring with a hint of caramel.  Anyone who knows me knows I love anything with caramel.  If you don’t know me… well now you know I love caramel!

Our meals arrived and we devoured our food, well at least I did. D and T are too respectable for that. After a little contemplating later T ordered a pub pretzel with the stout mustard. She had ordered a small appetizer for dinner, so don’t judge 🙂 It was a perfect snack that I will admit I had more than my fair share of – but T is too polite to smack my hand away. I just can’t help myself when there is a warm pretzel, lightly salted and mustard dipping sauce in front of me!

Old Schoolhouse Brewing Winthrop Washington
Old Schoolhouse Brewing Winthrop Washington

I would not be spending the night in Winthrop so I ended my night early as Boomer and I would be driving on to Omak Washington for the night. I said my goodbyes and thanked my friends for the enjoyable time I had in Winthrop.

Boomer and I made our way to Omak, which ironically the last time I was in Omak I was a child and ended up with a kitten who we named Omak (totally original right). I was sure my fate would not be the same this time as Boomer would never allow me to bring home a kitten. He could not deal with having to share my attention.

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