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Columbia Valley Brewing, Wenatchee Washington


Although Leavenworth does have hotels I found it to be much more economical to stay in Wenatchee Washington. That and Columbia Valley Brewing in Wenatchee was not to be missed while we were in the area.

After we arrived in Wenatchee I checked us into the hotel. I mostly do a two-part process when I check in, get the room and bring in as much of the luggage as possible. The second part you can guess is bringing in Boomer. He’s a lot to handle in the lobby and with his obsession for attention… you can say people know when he has arrived.

Prior to bringing in the attention seeker I unloaded the luggage and did a quick check of the room. It is a habit that I have and I know I am not alone in this. I also have prior experience as a hotel maid – so call it quality control.  I always check the bathroom for some reason and if that appears clean then apparently that makes it OK in my mind that the rest of the room will be clean.

After I checked the bathroom I found this in my room.


I always thought Washington State was known for apples, but a box of bananas – was this their welcome basket?

I lugged the box of bananas up to the front desk and the clerk gave me a funny look.  Yes front desk lady – I had these in my suitcase and I thought now would be the appropriate time to share my banana’s with you…

I let her know that I had found the bananas in my room. She seemed more perplexed and said that they were for the next morning’s breakfast. I told her I looked forward to eating them in the morning and went on my way politely disregarding the oddity of why the bananas would have been in a hotel room in the first place.  This would have never happened under my hotel maid watch!

I returned to the truck and turned on Samantha the GPS, typing in the address for Columbia Valley Brewing. Samantha searched and searched but could not locate the street. Luckily I had looked up where the brewery was before I had left on the trip and knew it was located near the river. I could see the river from my hotel and thought I would roll the dice on trying to find the brewery on my own. It turned out to be “quite” difficult to find, two blocks down and two blocks over and I had arrived at the brewery. Impressive Samantha, very impressive.

As we pulled into the parking lot we were greeted by a sign that said “dogs welcome”. Boomer and I walked in and the bartender had a dog treat in hand waiting for Boomer. He was clearly welcome at this brewery.

The brewery was a large building with an open space, pool tables inside and looked like it had the potential for fun on a Friday night. I ordered up the Bavarian Weizen. I had left Leavenworth earlier that day but I was still stuck on the German beers.

Outdoor seating at Columbia Valley Brewing
Outdoor seating at Columbia Valley Brewing

Boomer and I found ourselves a spot outside on the patio. After the scorching hot day it was a perfect evening for drinking a cold beer outside. The temperature had finally cooled down to a comfortable not too hot, not too cold. I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

Columbia Valley Brewing
Columbia Valley Brewing

I only wished I had planned ahead and brought dinner with me. Although you are not able to buy food at the brewery, they do have grills to use if you wanted to bring your own grillables. You can also bring pre-made food with you as the table near me had done. It appears that the brewery may be working on food according to their website. The scent of the neighboring table’s pizza filled the air and I suddenly realized how hungry I was.

Boomer thinking that pizza would be pretty tasty right about now...
Boomer thinking that pizza would be pretty tasty right about now…

I decided I would try one more beer before I took Boomer for his evening walk. There happen to be a perfect walking spot across the street, a path along the river that I had decided we would take before I found some dinner. I ordered up the Twisted Brown Ale. This beer was much more my speed. It was a 6.0 ABV, dark and rich. It was the perfect beer to end my tasting with.

Boomer and I walked along the Apple Capital Loop Trail along the river taking in the beautiful night. My hunger was no longer being able to be ignored so I headed back into town to find myself a bite to eat. I always find I put a lot of effort into finding breweries while I travel but I put little effort into finding dining locations.  It usually results in me going to chain restaurants. Tonight was no different and I plopped myself down in the bar at Red Robin. I was however pleasantly surprised when I looked at the keg pulls and saw one of my all time favorite beers, the African Amber from Mac & Jack’s Brewery. Of course I ordered myself a pint and eagerly awaited my meal’s arrival.

With a pretty full bar it gave me a lot of opportunities to people watch. I became a little fixated on one table in particular, a group of 4 men all drinking Coors Light. Now I understand the purpose of drinking Coors Light. There was even a time that I would have actually ordered that while I was out. Doesn’t make it right – but I did it.

I watched this table order glass after glass of the Coors Light, while I sat with my one glass of African Amber. I thought to myself why the hell would you drink 6 Coors Lights when you could have just one African Amber and get the same effect? Not that I would even bother to explain this logic to the men as they looked like they were hard-core lager-lovers and would most likely never even attempt to drink anything else. But that’s OK, let them drink their 6 “light” beers and I’ll have my one “heavy” beer.

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