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Day 4 – Wine Tasting in Hill City, South Dakota

Wine Tasting in Hill City, South Dakota
My wine loot from the Hill City SD Wineries

After gaining some unexpected time by getting out of the bison round up early I decided to do a little wine tasting before picking up Boomer. But first I stopped in at Hill City to check into our hotel. I was starting to realize that traveling with a dog was cumbersome. Although I was pleased to have him with me, it was difficult to carry my suitcase, his food box and personal effects (yes he has effects) and have him on a leash, while trying to keep him under control as people walked past us in the hallways and not drop everything I am carrying. I will be honest I am not good at it.

Boomer also has an annoying habit that he thinks EVERYONE wants to pet him. Most people do not mind, but there are a few people that you can tell can not stand dogs. They always send you a dirty look as though I have just kicked them in the shins and stole their wallet because my dog has approached them. It is unfortunate that these people do not just accept that dogs do not understand when someone does not like them. Everyone should be so lucky to not realize.

Once I got the hotel room organized I proceeded on to the wineries. I stopped in at Prairie Berry Winery. It was recommend in my tour guide book and after looking them up online I decided to make a stop. Their tasting room was large and had plenty of space for moving around, however the bar was full and I literally had to wedge myself in. After I had my rounds of tastings I wondered around with my shopping basket loading it up with wine and treasures. I purchased three different wines, 3 Rednecks, a Cabernet Sauvignon, Blue Suede Shoes, a blueberry Zinfandel, and the Red Ass Rhubarb, a raspberry and rhubarb mixture that is one of their signature wines and absolutely delightful. It is a perfect summer wine served chilled.

After I completed my visit to Prairie Berry I headed over to Stone Faces Winery. The tasting room was smaller but that did not deter anyone from stopping by. The room was full of people tasting the multiple wines. I tasted a few and decided to purchase the Full Throttle, a red table wine and the Rushmore White, also a table wine, but obviously white, hence the name. Most likely it is because I am not a wine connoisseur that I like the kitchen sink wines but Stone Faces does offer more than just blends.

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