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Day 5 – The Museum at Black Hills Institute, Hill City and Goodtyme Photos, Keystone South Dakota

museum at black hills institute
Hill City South Dakota

Boomer and I slept in a bit on Day 5. The Museum at Black Hills Institute, in Hill City that I wanted to go to did not open until 9am.  The later opening time gave us a good opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep. I did end up walking Boomer around the town a few times to burn some time before I could go into the museum. The town is an adorable old westernized looking town.  After I put Boomer back in the truck I stopped in at a store and the shopkeeper said “where’s your puppy dog?”. That dog sure does attract attention!

museum at black hills institute
Stan the T-Rex

Image Credit: jeffedoe

Once I got into the museum I found Stan the T-Rex in all his glory. This was the former location of Sue the T-Rex, but she has since been moved, after much controversy to Chicago. Although Stan was impressive, Sue is the largest and most complete fossil ever found. I guess I will visit her when I go to Chicago sometime in the future. I milled around taking in the fossils, rocks and other exhibits that had been found around the area. It was a small collection but worth the stop, especially if you are into fossils.

museum at black hills institute
A little souvenir shopping for my rock hound friend in Keystone South Dakota

After I completed my visit at the museum we drove over to Keystone South Dakota, near Mount Rushmore. This was a hotbed for souvenirs according to what I had read. I made a quick stop at The Rock Shed for my rock-hound friend Jen. I had also read that Keystone had lots of smashed penny machines for me to pick up a few pennies for my friend Meg. As I was trying to locate the penny machines I wondered into a shop that was attached to Goodtyme Photo, an old time photography shop. Although I found the penny machine it was the photography studio that grabbed my attention.

My family and I have done a few old tyme photos together in my younger years and I loved them! I wanted to ask, but I was embarrassed if they would take a photo of Boomer and I together. I figured if I could not muster up the courage to ask maybe I should just get a photo of myself done. I started to flip through their catalog and I noticed a “pets” section. I was excited I was not the only person to have this idea and asked if they would take a picture of Boomer and I together, which of course they agreed to!

I selected a saloon backdrop due to Boomer’s and my fondness for beer and the photographer picked me out a frilly saloon dress. I took Boomer into the dressing room with me as I could tell he did not know what was going on, most likely because I was wearing a dress. He lost interest and wiggled out from under the door. The photographer asked if it was OK to dress him up… uh yes please!!

I walked out of the dressing room to find my dog wearing a bandanna and I almost died laughing.  He was adorable. Unfortunately we could not get him to sit still long enough for the small cowboy hat to stay on his head, but the bandanna and his goofy face was pretty much all I could handle.

We hoisted Boomer up onto the bar and I perched myself next to him. He loves his photo taken so it was no problem to get him to sit for the photo but me on the other hand.   I could not stop laughing. The photographer gave up on trying to take a serious photo and just snapped photos in between my giggles. We picked out a suitable photo and she asked me “one 8X10 or two 5X7’s?” I figured I already look like a crazy, so might as well go all the way “two 5X7’s, his grandpa will need a copy”.

She asked if it was OK to use our photo in her album as she did not have very many pet photos. So if you are ever in Keystone and you see a picture of a blonde in a saloon dress with her black and tan dog in a bandanna that’s us!

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