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Fiery Hot Pizza at Dolores River Brewing, Dolores Colorado

Dolores River Brewing, Dolores Colorado
Snaggletooth IPA at Dolores River Brewing

Sometimes I drive out of my way to visit places while traveling. Dolores River Brewing was no exception. I was spending the night in Cortez Colorado but there was a brewery located in a small town about 11 miles away. And since I was in Colorado, a state well-known for good beer, I decided to make the trek over to Dolores to try out Dolores River Brewing.

The town of Dolores has less than 1000 people, and although I could tell this was a local hangout, I was impressed by how many people were at the brewery the night I visited. Since it was around dinner time I ordered a pizza to go along with my beer tastings that night. I went with a classic, a Hawaiian pizza and threw caution to wind when the waitress said “do you want to add chipotle chilies to that?”

Dolores River Brewing, Dolores Colorado
H-O-T Pizza!

When the pizza arrived I realized I probably should have said no to the chilies. One because it was late at night and I don’t know about you, but I get heartburn like an old man if I eat spicy food late at night and two after I sunk my teeth into the pizza the only thing that went through my mind started with an “F” and ended with “uck”. The pizza was H-O-T. The heat may have slightly overshadowed the pizza but scraping off some of the chilies quickly resolved the problem. The pizza was flavorful and had some nice charred flavoring from being baked in their brick over.

Dolores River Brewing, Dolores Colorado
The Ambush IPA

Per another recommendation from the waitress I started out with the Snaggletooth IPA. This beer had a mild hop flavor, which I was surprised by as Colorado is well-known for their hoppy beers. This beer had a 40 International Bittering Unit (IBU) and a 6.4% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). With an IBU that low it wasn’t surprising there was not much of a hop punch. My last beer taste of the day was the Ambush Pale Ale, a 55 IBU and a 4.3% ABV. This beer was much more my speed. It has a flavorful citrus hop to it that I enjoyed.

Dolores River Brewing is located at 100 S 4th Street in Dolores Colorado. If you are in the Cortez area I recommend making the drive out to Dolores River Brewing. They by far have the best beer in the area and they have a nice collection of pizzas and calzones to choose from.

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