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Flat Tire Ale from Brew to Taste

Flat Tire Homebrew Taste Test
Fat Tire VS Flat Tire

Sometimes I think it would be handy to clone myself. Not so I could sit around and do nothing while I made my clone do all the work, although it is tempting. This beer brewing hobby is a lot of work. Instead, I could split the things I need to do between myself and my clone. A clone would be good for that I think.

But what about a clone beer kit? Could it be as good as the original? I decided I would give it a try with the clone kit Flat Tire Ale. It is a clone of New Belgians Fat Tire, well sort of. The reviews of the kit do not seem to think so but I thought I would give it a try and do my own taste test.

This kit started out with a tricolored mixture of specialty grains and the Northern Brewer and Saaz hop. I feel that the Saaz hop is a sort of a punch you in the face hop, which I like to punch you in the face hops but this one seems more like a Mike Tyson punch than say a 5-year-old little girl punch. I, of course, prefer the latter of the two.

The brew went well and little beer was lost to the floor. It seems that I have started to master this not spilling thing. Hopefully, I can maintain going forward.

A week later I successfully transferred the beer into the carboy. It was a full day of “brewery work” as I also transferred the Happy Holiday Ale into bottles as well. Although the double duty of bottling and transferring to the carboy was a lot to do in one day, I find setting up the cleaning operation much easier if both are done on the same day. That way I am only making one bucket of sterilized water to clean everything instead of two. It is not hard to make the solution but it is a pain cleaning all the stuff. What I do for a beer!

Tasting day finally arrived. I poured myself a glass of Fat Tire and a glass of Flat Tire. Suddenly I realized I had put myself in an awkward situation. I was double fisting my beer. Well, it was a Friday night, I live alone and Boomer is not going to judge me.

I took a sip of New Belgium’s Fat Tire to familiarize myself with the flavor. I then took a sip of my Flat Tire. There was a distinct difference and I happen to agree with all the reviews that I had read, these beers are nothing alike.

It is not particularly a bad thing, both had their strengths. Fat Tire was lighter, sweeter and well clearer. Way to show off your thousands of dollars of filtering equipment New Belgium 🙂 The Flat Tire had a more smokey flavor to it, darker in color and obviously less clear thanks to my less than thousands of dollars of filtering equipment.

I liked them both but I liked the Fat Tire better than my Flat Tire… shhh don’t tell the home-brewer who made the Flat Tire. She is not known for taking criticism well, especially when it comes to her beer.

Want to try out the Flat Tire clone kit for yourself? You can pick a FLAT TIRE AMBER ALE Home Brew Beer Recipe Ingredient Kit (New Belgium Fat tire) here. Do note that the link is an affiliate link and if you choose to purchase through this link I will receive a small commission that does not impact the cost to you.

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