Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

My friend Laura was coming to visit me and she had requested to see Glacier National Park during her stay, specifically to see glaciers. I obliged her, because I would be crazy to say no to revisiting this lovely park but sadly had to break the news about the glaciers. We could see them, but it would take some pretty hefty hiking to get to one.

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

While planning activities for us I found a moderate hike to Iceberg Lake, that could give us the opportunity to see at least an iceberg floating around a lake. Laura agreed to the hike and I put it on our to do list for our trip.

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Ptarmigam Falls

The day of our hike we could not have asked for better weather, sunshine and unbelievable blue skies. The hike started off zig-zagging up the hillside behind the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. The climb is a quick one as you gain 185 feet (56m) in about a ¼ mile (.40 km). The trail levels out after the initial climb and you are granted far seeing views of the mountains, lush scenery and Ptarmigam Falls. The trail is located in known bear country and bears have been spotted frequently so it is recommended to carry bear spray and make lots of noise. We did not have bear spray but I had my bear bell rattling away as we made our way up the hillside. We did not see any bear along the trail but we did spot a black and brown bear near Many Glacier Hotel, which is close enough!

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Laura traversing the hillside

The trail is heavily traveled and well maintained for the most part. There were a few patches of snow still on the trail, in July, which added some difficulty as we traversed across the hillside. It was slightly traumatic for Laura as she is afraid of heights. I on the other hand do not have that problem, as long as my feet are firmly planted on the ground I am not afraid. Now if I’m in a helicopter, then I’m afraid!

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Iceberg Lake

As we made our final approach to Iceberg Lake I noticed that the icebergs were, much like the glaciers, not apparent. There was still a sheet of ice covering the lake, but I would not really consider that an iceberg. Nonetheless the lake is still beautiful and well worth the hike in.

We scouted out a spot to eat our lunch and watched the other hikers enjoying the lake along with the sunshine. We even witnessed some brave souls taking a swim in the chilly water. It may have been a warm sunny alpine day but it was too cold for this girl to dive in!

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

No snacks for you!

We found a spot near the lake to tear into our lunch. It’s just over a 4.5 miles (7.25 km) hike in so we were extra hungry. So hungry that I was not willing to share my lunch with our new friends, who apparently had been informed that we would be sharing our lunch with them!

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Iceberg Lake Trail

It was now time to make our decent down to the parking lot. Luckily for us the scenery is somewhat unbelievable on this trail and kept us distracted while we completed an almost 10 mile hike (16 km) for the day. And for two people who aren’t avid hikers I think we did quite well considering!

Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

Iceberg Lake Trail

If you would like to hike to Iceberg Lake you can find the trailhead behind the cabins at the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. You will want to be sure to pay attention to the trail signs as there are a few different trails that branch off from this trailhead. The highest elevation on the trail is 6160 feet (1877 m) and gains 263 feet per mile (80 km) for a total 1275 feet (388 m) of elevation gain.


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10 Responses to Glacier National Park: Iceberg Lake Hike

  1. Brittany what stunning shots and I LOVE the theme of your blog. Boomer is a handsome guy!! I’d consider visiting if not for the unreal beauty of Iceberg Lake. I am a tropics guy – heading to Bali in 4 days – but hey, how could I not add this spot to my travel list. So much beauty, and you did a fab job capturing it….and that little cute squirrel too 😉

    Keep on inspiring Brittany!


  2. Phil Longden says:

    That lake looks waaaaay too cold for a dip.

  3. What an incredible view! Well worth the hike!

  4. Beautiful photos! Iceberg Lake is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth the hike. Wow, I can’t get over how it still looks like that in July. It makes me want to move up Glacier NP on the travel list sooner.

  5. Lauren says:

    What a beautiful lake – definitely makes the hike worthwhile when you’re rewarded with such amazing views!!

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