Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Black Bear in Glacier National Park Montana

I grew up living just 4 hours away from Glacier National Park. Oddly enough it was not until I was an adult that I got the chance to visit the park. Once I did visit Glacier… Well let’s just say I have been back almost every year for the past 5 years.

I have visited the park during the months of May, July and August. Each month has it’s benefits as well as a few things to be aware of:

May can give you a great opportunity to see the park with less visitors and lodging prices being lower. May does have it’s challenges, however.  The Going To The Sun Road will most likely be closed due to snow. Parts of the road are open year round, so you will be able to view some of the road. Check out where the snow plows are and how far you can drive on the road at the NPS site.

July is a hot month but you will most likely be granted some beautiful days of sunshine. Drawbacks? Not much other than the other tourists also enjoy beautiful days of sunshine.

August is much like July weather-wise and tourist-wise.  If you want to ensure that the Going to the Sun road is completely open I recommend August as it will most likely be open by then. The road was still mostly closed during my July visit due to snow!

Glacier National Park never disappoints, whether the sun is shining or dramatic clouds are hanging overhead.

Below are some photos from my trips to Glacier National Park!

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Saint Mary Lake

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Swiftcurrent Lake

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Iceberg Lake Trail

Glacier National Park photo essay

The Going To The Sun Road

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Iceberg Lake Trail

Glacier National Park photo essay

Lake Harrison

Glacier National Park photo essay

Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park photo essay

Garden Wall

Glacier National Park photo essay

Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

Red Bus

Glacier National Park photo essay

Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Photo Essay

The Going To The Sun Road

Have you ever been to Glacier National Park? Or are you thinking about visiting this stunning park?

Did you enjoy my Glacier National Park photo essay?  Please feel free to share it! Sharing is caring 🙂

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46 Responses to Glacier National Park Photo Essay

  1. Van Berry says:

    Stunning pictures! I absolutely love them and I really want to visit a glacier national park now!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! I’d love to visit the park. I’ve never been to Alaska, but it’s certainly on my list.

  3. Dave Cole says:

    That shot of Swiftcurrent Lake is gorgeous! Lake Harrison reminds me of the lakes in the Pyrenees. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  4. Great photo’s Brittany 🙂 I love the black bear photo. I was hoping to spot a brown bear when travelling through a mountainous area of Poland last summer, but alas no.

    I can’t believe some places were still shut off in JULY because of snow! Insane!

    • The day I saw the black bear I also saw a brown bear or it could have been a grizzly. I’m not sure as I did not get a good look at him… he was running away from me… which I guess was a good thing!

  5. bavariansojourn says:

    Wow, what a stunningly beautiful place! Gorgeous pictures! 🙂

  6. Absolutely stunning pictures. I did not know this park, now it’s definitely on my list for when I will take my dream trip around US parks. Did you visit with your dog too?

    • I have visited with my dog once and due to how restricted dogs are it was no an enjoyable trip for Boomer. Dogs are only allowed in parking lots and paved roads, so no hiking trails. It is understandable as they do not want dogs disturbing the wild life but it would be nice if there were one or a few trails that allowed them. Most National Parks that I have been to have a least one trail that is pet friendly.

  7. This looks breathtaking. Can’t wait to visit. Can’t imagine snow covered roads in July 🙂

    • I was surprised myself that the road was still closed in July. The height of Logan Pass, where the Going to the Sun road crosses, is 6646 ft (2026 m) – so not overly high but it was a big snow year.

  8. Brittany, those are really lovely photos of Glacier National Park! Everything looks pretty wild, almost untouched and you even saw a bear. Hopefully that wasn’t dangerous and you took the photo from far away…

    • The photo of the bear was taken from inside my truck 🙂 I’m not much of a risk taker as I understand the dangers of wild animals but there were some folks standing on the road by the bear – scary stuff!

  9. I am planning on going out to Glacier NP this summer. Your photos make me extremely excited for the backpacking trip I have planned! I can’t wait. It is one of the parks I have been itching to visit and will finally be making it possible!

  10. Very beautiful and this is definitely on our list! It is amazing how you can live or grow up so close to a great attraction and not visit it for so long – we have done this as well!

    • I am trying to make an effort to resolve that going forward! I feel like I have missed out on a lot by always traveling away from my hometown and/or surrounding areas.

  11. Jess says:

    I can see why you keep going back! I haven’t made it to Glacier, but it’s definitely on my list.

  12. Your photos are beautiful, and Glacier National Park really seems like a great place to visit. It’s interesting to see the park through different seasons. Each one has its own advantages.

    • For sure. I actually did not mind being there in May even though a lot of the park was still under snow and it rained most days. I loved the extra snow on the mountains!

  13. The Guy says:

    I’m certainly thinking of visiting now! Those pictures are breathtaking. I’m glad that you were finally able to visit and share it with us.

  14. Amy says:

    I took my dad there last year for the first time. It had been his number one bucket list trip since he was a kid and it wasn’t a let down. It was absolutely stunning. Your pictures are gorgeous – they brought me right back!

  15. Gorgeous pictures! I love how blue the waters are and the peaks above them.

  16. Absolutely breathtaking views – I would love to see this with my own eyes!

  17. Hi, we did a two month road-trip through the US during July/August of 2011. Drove 16000 miles. We still talk about Glazier. Your pictures a trip down memory lane.
    The brave blond on a boat, Patricia

    • Wow – 16,000 miles that is quite a road trip! I hope to one day set off on the road on a cross country trip. I love traveling by car – so many options to stop and see things you normally would not if you flew.

  18. Whoooooah what photos. I have never seen this for myself, so it was truly wonderful.

  19. cvail says:

    Your photos are stunning. I’m going to Glacier in just a few weeks…yay!

  20. Stunning photos, Brittany!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Glacier is high up on my list – I hope to make it there soon but probably not for a couple years. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

  22. Craig says:

    Wow… your photos are incredible. I hope to visit Glacier this summer. I doubt my photos will look anything like yours, though! In any case, this gets me really excited.

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