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Hiking Revett Lake Trail #9, Idaho

Revette Lake Trail
Revett Lake Trail #9

After hiking to Blossom Lake I had planned on hiking Revett Lake Trail on the same day. The trailheads both left from the same location and were both relatively short. The Revett Lake Trail did not have a huge ascent, so it should have been a piece of cake! But Blossom Lake Trail wiped me out and I decided to return to Revett Lake Trail on another day.

And I was glad that I did. Although Blossom Lake was beautiful, Revett was slightly more so.

Revette Lake Trail
Jovi & Boomer on the Revett Lake Trail #9

Maybe because it wasn’t 90 degrees and a hard hike, in my opinion, like Blossom was. The trail to Revett Lake was mild when compared to Blossom. There are very little steep inclines, pairing up with meandering dirt trails. The most challenging bit was traversing along a granite rock slide.

The trail dips in and out of the shade making for an enjoyable hike that even in the warm summer months won’t melt you to your core.

Once we reached the lake I still had some gusto left and decided to take the trail around the lake. Unfortunately, the lake trail was not well maintained and had lots of down trees. We had also crossed a few down trees on the main trail, but all were manageable to maneuver around. The lake trail was not easy to bypass the down trees as it was narrower and much denser.

Revette Lake Trail
A trail beer

Instead of pressing on, on the lake trail, I found a spot to rest in the shade. On this hike, I broke tradition and pulled out of my daypack a slightly warm trail beer. It is pretty rare for me to have a trail beer. I’m more of a grab a beer after you complete the hike kind of girl. Mostly because I don’t need anything else aiding me in falling.  I do a good enough job of falling down when I’m sober. Adding in just the slightest inebriation is never a good idea for me.

It was a nice break in tradition but I still prefer a cold, fresh off the tap beer as opposed to a beer that’s been in my lumbar pack slowly becoming outside temperature. Sure I could be fancy and carry my beer in something to keep it cool but until Boomer and Jovi start carrying their own water and snacks I’m not taking on any further weight in my bag.

Revette Lake Trail
Boomer enjoying a swim at Revett Lake

We returned to the mouth of the lake and found a spot for me to sit and do what I came for.  Throw objects into the lake for Boomer to retrieve.  Well, at least that’s what he thinks my sole purpose is. He’s cute, so we just let him believe whatever he wants!

Revette Lake Trail
Revett Lake

Although we passed a few people on the trail, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Which was a stark contrast to Blossom Lake. There were people everywhere at Blossom Lake. So many that we even got recognized by someone from our home town, which is about 2 hours away!

Perhaps it was that Revett Lake was smaller than Blossom Lake and it did not draw in as much of a crowd. I did know why, but what I did know was that the impossibly deep green color of the lake backing up against the green mountains was stellar and we did not mind not having to share it with anyone.

Revette Lake Trail
Off we go… for a cold beer!

The dogs and I basked in the sun until I decided it was time to grab my self a cold draft beer as opposed to the warm beer I had.

A cold beer can be achieved in Murray Idaho, which is a short drive from the trailhead. Or once you get back to Interstate 90 you have a few options: Wallace Brewing in Wallace Idaho or Radio Brewing in Kellogg Idaho.

To get to Revett Lake will take some driving. From I-90 heading east take Exit 43 at Kingston. Follow the Coeur D’ Alene River Road (FH 9) for 23 miles. Turn right (towards Murray Idaho) on FR 208 for 15.8 miles to the top of Thompson Pass. The road is closed in the winter. There is a pit toilet at the parking lot on the road to Revette Lake. The Blossom Lake trailhead is to the left from the parking lot next to the Thompson Pass Road.

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I’ve been way too behind on reading blogs but this looks great! We’ll be building in Libby for 3 weeks starting Monday and after that we’re probably going to head into northern Idaho so this seems like a perfect stop!

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