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Lawnmower de Saison from Brew to Taste

From brew to taste will be posts about the brewing process of said beer, any changes I made, struggles I had or just interesting facts and I won’t leave out the blunders I made!

The Lawnmower de Saison... look at all that stuff!
The Lawnmower de Saison… look at all that stuff!

The Lawnmower de Sasion was by far my most complicated brew kit to date. For a seasoned brewer they could probably laugh at me but I was only on my 7th brew EVER! 

Steeping the grains
Steeping the grains

This kit had a typical bag of grain to steep but then the fun began. Once the steeping was done there were two different kinds of liquid malt extract. It is not uncommon to have two but still it was more to put in. Also added at this time was candied sugar pellets, a whole pound of them.

adding the liquid malt extract
adding the liquid malt extract

After I mixed in the malts and sugar it was time to add the first hop, the Sazz hop, a bittering hop. This was to be boiled for 60 minutes… but wait during this 60 minutes you have a long laundry list of more things to add.

Adding the orange peel
Adding the orange peel

After 30 minutes you add another hop, Goldings. In 15 more minutes you add some grains of paradise, bitter orange peel and coriander. 10 more minutes you add another hop addition of Goldings. I set the timer to remind myself and luckily only got confused once if I had added what I needed to add at the right time (my recommendation is to watch something mindless on TV as to not get distracted – like I usually do, something Kardashians)

My last challenge of the day was finally (yes finally) using liquid yeast. I have always used the power yeast but liquid is supposed to be more consistent, giving you the same tasting beer all the time. It was pretty easy – not much different from the powered yeast… and now that I know how easy liquid yeast is I might just make the change to liquid.

6 Days Later… doesn’t feel like it does it?

Today I moved the beer from the fermenting bucket into a carboy. This was my first time using a carboy. I luckily bought a new hands free funnel to help aid me in transferring the beer from the bucket.

funnel and carboy set up ready for transfer
funnel and carboy set up ready for transfer

The purpose of transferring from the bucket to the carboy is to create a more clear beer. The funnel has a strainer on it that keeps the gunk that has formed at the bottom of the fermenting bucket from transferring to the carboy.

After the transfer I moved the carboy into the brewery room.  Within an hour the airlock was already kicking out bubbles – Yea As long as everything goes well I should be bottling in 8 days.

Beer Transferred!
Beer Transferred!

10 Days Later… (you’ll see from above it was supposed to be 8 – oops )

So it’s bottling day… This was my first time using a carboy and it was pretty much the same process as using the bucket system. I will however admit that there are more fun things than cleaning the carboy after you get the beer out of it … like pretty much anything.

Sorry for the weird shot of just hands and bottles but I had to crop out my double chin... no one wants to see that!
Sorry for the weird shot of just hands and bottles but I had to crop out my double chin… no one wants to see that!

Also in true me fashion I had to spill something – this time it wasn’t beer but the cleaning solution. I was dumping it into the sink after I was done and for some reason it splashed all over my kitchen – don’t worry I had just cleaned the floors the day before… that was fun to clean up at around 10pm… sigh

The bottles will sit for another 6 weeks. This is my longest brew time and this beer is really considered a summer beer but it will not be ready until the end of September due to my awesome lack of planning. I’m sure we’ll have a warm fall and this summer beer will be just as tasty in the fall as it would have been in the summer.

Speaking of a lack of planning… I am slightly concerned as I am only 7 days away from when I bottle my next batch and I am running low on bottles… like I only have 16 and most of my beers take 42 to 50 bottles.  I’m slightly stressed out over that but to calm myself down I have decided to drink some beer. This will hopefully alleviate some of the problems.

6 weeks later… Another successful tasting The beer turned out a fresh summer beer, unfortunately it has been raining for the past two weeks… perhaps I can reminisce over the warm days of summer as I drink the saison. The flavor of the beer was not as strong as I thought it would be with the amount of ingredients I had added, specifically the coriander and orange peel. It also used a Saaz hop that had a unique smell that I assumed would have influenced the taste – but all was balanced well and a good Belgian style beer.

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