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No Hops For Me! Fort George Brewery, Astoria Oregon

Fort George Brewery, Astoria Oregon
Fort George Brewery, Astoria Oregon

There is a hop revolution going on in the beer world right now. There are all sorts of hop combination in beer being developed and the boundaries are being pushed on the bittering levels. Oregon breweries are well known for the use (or in some people’s opinion, overuse) of hops. Although I am of the mindset that there can never be to much hop I am open to the idea of a beer made with no hop. While visiting Fort George Brewery in Astoria Oregon I found just that, a beer made with no hops.

The Spruce Budd Ale is a beer made with two simple ingredients, organic 2 row malt and spruce tips. This is an interesting seasonal beer that really surprised me. I was a bit hesitant to try this beer as I am not a fan of gin, mostly because of it’s piney woodsy flavor is too much for me, but also because it’s not beer. Although the spruce was paired with an old friend of mine, beer, I thought I would give it a try. If I didn’t like the beer it would not be hard to find a suitable replacement. Fort George has plenty of tasty beers to choose from.

Fort George Brewery, Astoria Oregon
Spruce Budd Beer

The Spruce Budd arrived in a mason jar which took me right back to my childhood because yes we used mason jars as drinking glasses. The balance between the spruce and the citrus flavors had a good mixture and diminished my fear of the overly woodsy taste. The spruce flavor was apparent in the beer but not overwhelming. Fort George has an interesting video on their site regarding the harvest of the spruce buds and the production of this beer.

Fort George Brewery, Astoria Oregon
my lunch of falafel and flat bread with a side of coleslaw

To go along with my beer I ordered lunch, falafel and flat bread with a side of coleslaw. The pub menu is a reasonably priced typical pub menu along with a few shout outs to the seafood world. Rock Fish Tacos, Pan Seared Oysters and Albacore Fish and Chips to name a few. My meal arrived along with another spruce budd beer. I could not help myself as it was a limited release beer and I would not be able to get this beer anywhere else but at the source.

I devoured my lunch and finished my beer and started to mentally prepare myself for the long drive home. It was our last day in Oregon and it was going to be a long haul home… one of course I had planned for but did not intend on leaving Oregon so late. Typical Brittany.

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