Top Things To Do In Glacier National Park This Summer

top things to do in Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

Road trip season is upon us. We are loading up our cars with tents, hiking packs and our favorite 6 packs of beer. And we are also loading up our vacations with plans. Here at Paws For Beer, we love a great road trip, especially one that involves driving a road through alpine views hugged by aqua-colored lakes pairing up with the thrill of wildlife sightings around every corner. Here is our list of the top things to do in Glacier National Park this summer: Continue reading

Bellingham Tap Trail: Challenge Accepted

Bellingham Tap Trail

Bellingham Washington Tap Trail

I sat at a table in the Archer Ale House (1212 10th Street) in Bellingham Washington contemplating what to do. There was a lofty goal in front of me, The Bellingham Tap Trail. Being that I was only in town for a few days.  Could I really collect 8 stamps before I left, to obtain my treasured tap trail prize? The two boys to the right of me had attempted the complete trail… in one day… but they had not finished.  Instead, they were invited to leave from one of the tap trail establishments participating. Not overly shocking as completing that many breweries and pubs in one day could be considered borderline alcoholic, but let us give them an A for effort.

My attempt would be far less than the boy’s attempt, as I took the shorter of the two options.  8 stops as opposed to the entire trail of 19 stops.   Continue reading

Betting on Beer at Banger Brewing Las Vegas Nevada

Banger Brewing Las Vegas Nevada

Banger Brewing Las Vegas Nevada

In the land of margaritas by the yard, non-existent open container laws and glassy eyes from a long night before, I found myself not at the head of a craps table, or mesmerized by a sparkling overhead light parade, but at a brewery. Although Las Vegas may be well known for its sin city ways, they do have a decent amount of breweries in the area. And you know me, I love checking out new breweries! Continue reading

Las Vegas History at the Neon Museum Boneyard Las Vegas Nevada

Neon Museum Boneyard

Neon Museum Boneyard

In the dark of night, the dynamite charges explode. Puffs of sparks and debris shoot out the windows and the building begins to lose its balance.  Wobbling, as though it has become weak in the knees, knowing its final moments are near.  The walls give way and floor after floor comes crashing down to the ground. It is the fate of many hotels in Las Vegas. Continue reading

River Side Drinking At Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon

Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon

Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon

Sometimes I see strange things while out on the road. Like a grown man dressed up as Minnie Mouse wearing combat boots walking into the Buoy Brewery bar and asking for a beer. The real question was, where was Mickey? And what kind of footwear was Mickey wearing?

Perhaps the guy was just bringing a little weird to Astoria.

Well done sir. Continue reading

Doing Time at Seaside Brewing, Seaside Oregon

Seaside Brewing Beer

Seaside Brewing in Seaside Oregon

I always like a building with a bit of history and Seaside Brewing’s building has just that. Located in the former Seaside City Jail this historic brick building was built in 1914. It may no longer have unsavory men roaming the exercise yard but the bars from the windows are hung up on the walls inside reminding us of this building’s checkered past. Continue reading

Visiting Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock with Dogs

Haystack Rock with Dogs

Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

We picked up Jovi early last year from Wyoming. And while Jovi’s history may be unknown, it is probably safe to assume that she had never been to the ocean before. The shelter staffer when we picked up Jovi described the people who had owned Jovi before as less than awesome. Less than awesome people probably do not drive all the way from Wyoming to take their dog to the ocean. Continue reading

Beer Hopping at pFriem Family Brewers Hood River

pFriem Family Brewers Hood River

pFriem Family Brewers Hood River

Located on the banks of the Columbia River in Hood River is pFriem Family Brewers. Established in 2012 this brewery may be new to the Hood River beer scene when compared to Full Sail Brewing and Double Mountain Brewing but they are kicking out quality beers and have a location you can’t beat. Who doesn’t like a view of the river while you are drinking beer? There is inside and outside seating, neither of which are dog-friendly, although there is a “dog parking spot” located outside the front door. I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not, but there was a water bowl there, so maybe I could have parked Boomer and Jovi there while I went inside for a few beers. There is a dog-friendly park across the street from the brewery if you want to stretch your dog’s legs before or after you enjoy some beer. Continue reading

Doubling Down at Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon

Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon

Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon

While driving through Hood River Oregon you may be distracted by the kite-surfers who are taking advantage of the Columbia River and favored windy conditions. But don’t let them distract you too much as there is beer to be had. On this day while in Hood River the beer to be had was from Double Mountain Brewery. Continue reading

Northwest Passage Scenic Byway Highway 12 Idaho – Montana

Northwest Passage Scenic Byway Highway

Northwest Passage Scenic Byway Highway

A few years ago I saw a list of the Top 75 Things All Idahoans Should Try At Least Once. As an Idaho native, I was curious about the list and scrolled through the 75 different things I should try. One of which was driving along the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway. Continue reading