Milestone Beer Drinking At Boise Brewing Boise Idaho

Boise Brewing Beer

A tasting flight at Boise Brewing

I go to a lot of breweries by myself. Some may judge me for that because I drink alone. Not like George Thorogood drinking alone, but still alone. Fortunately, the bartenders at Boise Brewing were friendly and engaging, so I was a little less alone while trying out Boise Brewing’s Beer. Continue reading

Tasting The Gamut At 10 Barrel Brewing Boise Idaho

10 Barrel Brewing Boise Idaho

A tasting flight not for the faint of hearts

Sometimes there are benefits to traveling alone. Like when you arrive at a popular brewery and the wait is long… For some. When you are a solo diner, often your wait is not long. You can be squeezed into just about anywhere.

When I arrived at 10 Barrel Brewing in Boise this was the case. It was a busy Friday night in the heat of the dinner rush. A waiter whisked me away to a family style table and handed me a menu where I sat at the end of the table filled with strangers, who happened to also be beer lovers. At least we could use that to break the ice. Continue reading

Desperately Seeking Sunshine In Winter

Seeking Sunshine In Winter

Boomer and Jovi trying to beat those winter blues

It was a night in early January of this year. I laid awake, tossing and turning for more hours than I was able to sleep. I had had an extra stressful week at work. In addition to that, I also had building pressure from financial woes that had been plaguing me for the last few months. If it could happen, it did. My refrigerator died on me, check. Unexpected car repairs, check. Trouble with my main heat source for my home during an unseasonably cold winter, check. Canceled my annual spring road trip due to reallocating funds to lame adult responsibilities, check. Pulled over for the first time and given a ticket, check.  Continue reading

Beer Tasting At Kannah Creek Brewing Grand Junction Colorado

Kannah Creek Brewing Grand Junction Colorado

Kannah Creek Brewing

Why have one location when you can have three? Kannah Creek Brewing does just that with its three locations. Recently opened Kannah West is located in Fruita Colorado, and “The Edge” and “The Creek” are both located in Grand Junction Colorado. At the time of my visit to Grand Junction, The Edge and The Creek were my choices. Typically there would be no need to choose between two different locations. They both offer the same beer and both have food. But it is the food that sets them apart. The Edge food menu features burgers while The Creek features pizza. So what’s a girl to do? Is it pizza and beer or is it burgers and beer? Well, I may surprise you as I am usually a burger and beer kind of girl, but on this day I went with pizza. Which meant that I visited The Creek location. Continue reading

Visiting Colorado National Monument Grand Junction Colorado

Colorado National Monument Grand Junction Colorado

Entrance to Colorado National Monument

Traveling solo can sometimes be lonely. The isolation alone causes many to give up. It is one of the reasons I travel with my dogs. Although I may not have a human companion, I do have two furry friends who love adventure as much as I do. They help push through the feeling of loneliness, as well as giving me someone to talk to. Granted I look like a crazy person driving around talking to my dogs, but we all have our quarks. Continue reading

Beer Tasting at Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado

Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado

Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado

Typically I am a fan of walking into a brewery and having it packed full of people. It is usually a sign that they have good beer. On a Wednesday night in April I wasn’t overly thrilled when I walked into a full house at Horsefly Brewing because the only seating left was outside. YIKES! Colorado in April. Yeah, it wasn’t warm. But there was beer to be had, so I braved the elements for you because it’s the least I could do. I’m nice like that. Continue reading

Beer Tasting at Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado

Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado

Two Rascals Brewing Montrose Colorado

Located in a historic brick building complete with a ghost sign of J.F Warren Storage is Two Rascals Brewing in Montrose Colorado. Once I stepped inside I looked for a place to sit.  There I was greeted by two helpful guys at the bar, telling me I could sit anywhere, except there and pointed at a random table and chuckled. I gave them an eyebrow raise and a slight smile, letting them know I found them only slightly funny. I contemplated just dropping my purse on the table they had pointed at and plopping myself down. Really what were they going to do? Continue reading

Visiting Curecanti National Recreation Area Colorado

Curecanti National Recreation Area Colorado

Curecanti National Recreation Area Colorado

It was day 8 of our spring trip and 2400 miles (3862 km) had been driven in those eight days. It was time to spend a day for the dogs. The trip had taken its toll on all of us. We were cooped up and ready to stretch our legs. Fortunately day 8 had us visiting Curecanti National Recreation Area in Colorado. The main reason I chose the national recreation spot was its affinity for dogs. Every trail is dog friendly as well as the three reservoirs that make up the recreation area. Continue reading

Beer And Pizza Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado

Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado

Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado

When I arrived to Del Norte Colorado I was alerted to the fact that at any given moment Colorado would remind me of just how unpredictable she was. My day had started off sunny and warm, so I dressed accordingly, shorts and a short sleeve shirt. A logical pairing on a warm day. But then later that same day I sat looking out the window of Three Barrel Brewing to sideways blowing snow. Yes, Colorado you’ve proven your point. I should have never dared to wear shorts in April, regardless of how the day started out. Continue reading

Beer Tasting at San Luis Valley Brewing Alamosa Colorado

San Luis Valley Brewing

San Luis Valley Brewing

It always perplexes me when I am at a micro brewery and I see someone order a macro brew from one of the big three. And the dude didn’t just do it once, but three times he ordered a Coors Light. I thought about asking him if there was something wrong with him, but I kept my questions to myself. Mostly because it meant more handcrafted beer for me and clearly there was something wrong with him. Who orders watered down crap beer anyways? Continue reading