Efficiently Hiking Harrison Lake Trail #217, Sandpoint Idaho

Harrison Lake Trail #217

Harrison Lake Trail #217

So I am going to admit something about myself. Sometimes I can become annoyed while hiking because the trails wind around the endpoint.  Perhaps a little aimlessly in my opinion. I can see the end of the trail, such as a lake, but yet the trail continues, dancing around the end, not quite leading you there until several footsteps later. Continue reading

Familiarity Found At Barbarian Brewery Garden City Idaho

Barbarian Brewery Garden City Idaho

Tasting flight at Barbarian Brewery

Sometimes the beer world can be small. As I sat at Barbarian Brewery, 500 miles away from home, I ordered myself a tasting flight and glanced to the left as I waited. I locked eyes with a familiar face. But this face perplexed me as it made no sense to see this face 500 miles away from home. The face belonged to the owner of my local brewery. Then his brother appeared, the head brewer from the same local brewery. And then the manager of the same local brewery’s beer hall. We were all in town for the weekend and one thing was clear… we should have carpooled. Continue reading

If You Throw A Temper Tantrum In The Woods And No One Sees It, Did It Really Happen?

falling when hiking

I was happy at the start of the trail

I heard the rumble of gravel as my hiking boot skated across the rocks. Gravity, like a bitch, began to yank me down to the ground. I heard a loud popping noise as my ankle flexed the wrong way.  It was the kind of noise you never want to hear a body part make. As I continued to fall to the ground I thought to myself “this was it, I was going to break something today” Continue reading

Beer Tasting at Sedition Brewing, The Dalles Oregon

Beer Tasting at Sedition Brewing

Sedition Brewing

As I was zipping along I-84 on my way to Portland Oregon, I pulled into the town of The Dalles Oregon.   I was greeted by quaint brick buildings that lined the streets. Although I enjoy brick buildings of any age, some of these buildings have been around since the Oregon Trail days of the 1840’s to 60’s, making them a bit more admired. Even if you do not have time to stop for a beer, a quick drive down second street is worth the sidestep off of I-84, to take in the buildings.  But if you don’t have time for a quick beer, we seriously need to talk.   Continue reading

The Fiery History Behind The Pulaski Tunnel Trail Wallace Idaho

Pulaski Tunnel Trail Wallace Idaho

Entrance to the Nicholson Mine

This 2017 summer has been a fantastic few months for us. As we wind down, heading into fall, I was thinking about all the sunny and warm days we have had. And as I think about these days I honestly can not remember the last time it rained. Which is both a good thing, but also a bad thing. As I write this post I am looking out a window. A window where I can normally see mountains. But these mountains are nowhere to be seen. The reason you ask? Because where I live I am socked in by smoke from regional fires in my home state of Idaho as well as Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Canada. This summer has been one of the driest in history and has been compared to the summer of 1910. Continue reading

My Nerdiness Is Exposed At Badass Backyard Brewing, Spokane Valley

beer tasting at Badass Backyard Brewing

Beer flight at Badass Backyard Brewing

As history tells us, it was the Egyptians who first developed beer. It was not men, but Egyptian women, who were crafting the beer.

And for that, we thank these ladies.

Fast forward to 2017 and we now find the beer industry heavily dominated by men. Although there are still women brewers out there, according to a 2014 study by Stanford University, of 1700 polled breweries, only 4% had female head brewers.

Not a great showing ladies. Continue reading

A Beer Lover’s Guide to Sandpoint Idaho

Beer Guide to Sandpoint Idaho

A list of Sandpoint’s beer-friendly places

If you love beer and you are planning a trip to Sandpoint Idaho, you are in the right place because this list will cover all your bases when it comes to finding beer. Do you want a beer with a view? We have you covered. Do you want a beer while you’re enjoying the ski mountain? You got it. Do you want beer right from the source? It couldn’t be any fresher. Do you want to check out the local scene? We’ll fill you in on where to go. Here are our top places to find beer in Sandpoint Idaho. Continue reading

A Return To Glacier Brewing Polson Montana

Glacier Brewing Polson Montana

Glacier Brewing Polson Montana

Let us step back to 2012 to the inaugural day of my first solo road trip. It was a warm sunny day when I arrived at the town of Polson Montana. A slight breeze created a twinkling ripple in the jewel-toned water. I navigated my truck, following the instructions of Samantha, my GPS, leading away from the main streets and the lake into a more residential area. Continue reading

Your Dog-Friendly Check List For Newport Oregon

Dog-Friendly Check List For Newport Oregon

Newport’s Historic Bayfront

Oregon is a state that you love if you are traveling with your dog. They practically welcome you with open arms, allowing dogs at the majority of their beaches, state parks and let’s not forget the breweries! We have visited Newport Oregon a few times and absolutely love it there, so much so, that if we ever moved from North Idaho, Newport is at the top of our list! From their beaches to their historic bayfront check out our favorite dog-friendly locations in Newport Oregon. Continue reading

Dog-Friendly Hikes In North Idaho You And Your Dog Should Do Part 2

Hiking North Idaho With Your Dog

Boomer and Jovi swimming at Farragut State Park

It is week two of our two part series of hiking North Idaho with your dog. Last week I offered up some trails in the northern most part of Idaho’s panhandle. This week we move to the middle of the panhandle. We are still up north, but just not quite able to wave to Canada anymore. Continue reading