Dog-Friendly Hikes In North Idaho You And Your Dog Should Do Part 1

Dog-Friendly Hikes In North Idaho

Roman Nose Lakes

When you live in North Idaho you are pretty much required to go hiking. I am not a huge fan of hiking, however. I know it’s just walking uphill but I blame it on my childhood. Our driveway was a mile long, uphill both ways, in the snow, with coyotes nipping at my heels. All right, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… however the mile-long driveway part wasn’t made up. Continue reading

A Beer Lover’s Guide To Dining In Coeur D’ Alene Idaho

Guide To Dining In Coeur D' Alene Idaho

Moontime’s Falafel Burger

Like any long-term relationship, although they can enjoy their time alone, they are often best when paired together. They are not your traditional couple, but the two are frequently found together, supporting and complimenting each other, showing you just how great their relationship is. And while you may believe this post is about to embark on a love story about Jane and her wonderful John, it is about the bond between food and beer that I am speaking of. Continue reading

Beer Flights At Flathead Lake Brewing Company, Flathead Montana

Flathead Lake Brewing Company

Flathead Lake Brewing Company

Sometimes wanderlust overtakes me. Normally I am a planner. Down. To. The. Minute. But on a Sunday late last year, I decided to not plan down to the minute. It was a beautiful sunny day that was meant for exploring. I had also not been to Montana since January of that year. Blasphemy. Continue reading

Exploring Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area Newport Oregon

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area near Newport Oregon

In between dogs barking and laughter from a nearby group of children playing on the black cobblestone beach I heard a low rumbling. A rumbling that almost resembled the sound of thunder. Despite the low hanging clouds and fog that filled the bay, the sun peeked out to remind us that there is the occasional chance of sun while on the Oregon coast. Although thunder could not completely be ruled out, I decided instead to trace where the source of the noise was coming from.   Continue reading

First Time Camping With Dogs: Beachside State Recreation Site

Beachside State Recreation Site

Beachside State Recreation Site

Back in 2014, I was unemployed for a few months. Fortunately, it was summer and my friends own land “down by the river”, near the town where I live. I took a few days around the 4th of July to camp at their river lot. There was a small army of us, most of us recently unemployed from the same company that had just gone out of business. Like they say, there is strength in numbers. The internet signal was good at the river lot, so we basked in the sun while we searched for new jobs. Boomer also enjoyed this brief stay-cation as he got to spend some quality time doing what he loves best, swimming in the river. Continue reading

Round Lake Idaho State Park & Panhandle Historic Rivers Passage Scenic Byway

Round Lake Idaho State Park

Round Lake Idaho State Park

In the profession of travel writing, there is a common thread between us all. We are always traveling AWAY from our homes. Seeking adventure elsewhere. But when you live in North Idaho, home to alpine views, crystal clear lakes and adventures around every corner, why travel? Continue reading

Visiting the new Payette Brewery in Boise Idaho

new Payette Brewery

The new Payette Brewery and Taproom

A year ago I was in Boise and stopped at Payette Brewery’s tap room. The spot was simple, located in an industrial part of town. A typical brewery with a small taproom attached. Nothing overly special, just a room with bar seating, some tables and or course taps. A window peaked into the brewery and the only food available was from food trucks. Continue reading

Touring Brewers On The Bay & Rogue House of Spirits Newport Oregon

Touring Brewers On The Bay

Brewers On The Bay in Newport Oregon

With the faint aroma of fermentation and the saturation of moist, yes I said it, air, I stood in a group of strangers. A rush of air flew behind me, not from the wind, but from a man walking briskly past me. He paused slightly, gaining the group’s attention. And like a fan girl, I perked up and leaned forward to get a better look at the familiar bearded man. No, it wasn’t Santa Claus, but better. It was a brewmaster sighting. And not just any brewmaster, it was the brewmaster, John Maier. Continue reading

Top Things To Do In Glacier National Park This Summer

top things to do in Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

Road trip season is upon us. We are loading up our cars with tents, hiking packs and our favorite 6 packs of beer. And we are also loading up our vacations with plans. Here at Paws For Beer, we love a great road trip, especially one that involves driving a road through alpine views hugged by aqua-colored lakes pairing up with the thrill of wildlife sightings around every corner. Here is our list of the top things to do in Glacier National Park this summer: Continue reading

Bellingham Tap Trail: Challenge Accepted

Bellingham Tap Trail

Bellingham Washington Tap Trail

I sat at a table in the Archer Ale House (1212 10th Street) in Bellingham Washington contemplating what to do. There was a lofty goal in front of me, The Bellingham Tap Trail. Being that I was only in town for a few days.  Could I really collect 8 stamps before I left, to obtain my treasured tap trail prize? The two boys to the right of me had attempted the complete trail… in one day… but they had not finished.  Instead, they were invited to leave from one of the tap trail establishments participating. Not overly shocking as completing that many breweries and pubs in one day could be considered borderline alcoholic, but let us give them an A for effort.

My attempt would be far less than the boy’s attempt, as I took the shorter of the two options.  8 stops as opposed to the entire trail of 19 stops.   Continue reading