Day 8 Virginia City / Bannack State Park / Butte, Montana

I always had a fond memory from my childhood of Virginia City Montana. My parents had taken me there on a family vacation and we panned for gold, rode a train from Virginia City to Nevada City (the town next door) and from what I remember Virginia City was a cute western themed town. As I arrived into town I was greeted by another round-up, this time some loose cows. Cowboys on horses and a few dogs moved the cattle to where ever they should have been and I was able to make my way into town. Continue reading

Day 7 Fort Washakie, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Wyoming

Grateful to be on my way the next morning from our “fantastic” hotel (Don’t worry I had to wake up the clerk again to get checked out… what is with this guy?) we still had a long way to go ahead of us.

We took a quick detour to Fort Washakie to visit Sacajawea’s grave. Continue reading

Day 6 A Cold War lesson at Minuteman Missile Silo, South Dakota

Minuteman Missile Silo, South Dakota

Minuteman Missile Silo, South Dakota

Our time in South Dakota was coming to an end as we would start our way back home on this day. Before leaving South Dakota I made one last stop at the Minuteman Missile Silo just outside of Wall. Who doesn’t need a little cold war education on their road trip? And with missiles buried in South Dakota that is just what you’ll find. Continue reading

Day 6 Visiting Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Pinnacles Entrance at the Badlands National Park

Pinnacles Entrance at the Badlands National Park

Prior to leaving for the Badlands National Park I took Boomer out to the hotel’s approved patch of pet grass for his morning potty break and witness something strange. There was a man also with his dog. The dog relieved it’s self and the man and dog went back into their hotel room. Shortly there after the man appeared again with the dog, took it over to the grass and again the dog relieved it’s self. He went back into the hotel and appeared again with the dog, back to the grass, it relieved it’s self and they went back into the hotel room.  I was totally confused and frustrated that this dog had gone to the bathroom three times and mine still had not gone. Continue reading

Day 5 – Rapid City Firehouse Brewing / Wall Drug / Badlands National Park at Sunset, South Dakota

I finished up at Mount Rushmore and Boomer and I were headed off to Wall South Dakota for the night. I briefly stopped in Rapid City at a local brew pub, Firehouse Brewing Co. The brew pub was housed in a awesome brick building that was the original firehouse for the city. Continue reading

Day 5 – Visiting Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

visiting Mount Rushmore South Dakota

Mount Rushmore Avenue of the Flags

The next stop on my road trip around South Dakota was Mount Rushmore. As I walked towards the monument through the avenue of flags I was excited to finally be there. I quickly checked the state flags to make sure Idaho, my home state, was represented! I am not sure why I always think that Idaho will be excluded, it is a state after all, but I always feel compelled to check. Continue reading

Day 5 – The Museum at Black Hills Institute, Hill City and Goodtyme Photos, Keystone South Dakota

museum at black hills institute

Hill City South Dakota

Boomer and I slept in a bit on Day 5. The Museum at Black Hills Institute, in Hill City that I wanted to go to did not open until 9am.  The later opening time gave us a good opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep. I did end up walking Boomer around the town a few times to burn some time before I could go into the museum. The town is an adorable old westernized looking town.  After I put Boomer back in the truck I stopped in at a store and the shopkeeper said “where’s your puppy dog?”. That dog sure does attract attention! Continue reading

Day 4 – Driving Scenic Needles Highway, South Dakota

needles highway scenic drive south dakota

Needles Highway in South Dakota

Although planned for the next day, I had a few extra hours of daylight left and felt that taking the Needles Highway Scenic Drive in South Dakota would fit in perfectly before the laser show started at Crazy Horse Monument. I was pleased with my decision as it was near sunset and the golden colors of fall were even more vibrant with the setting sun. Continue reading

Day 4 -Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota

crazy horse monument south dakota

Crazy Horse Monument South Dakota

My next stop was Crazy Horse Monument. I had heard a little about Crazy Horse, a Lakota Warrior, prior to my visit, like he was this bad ass warrior who had a vision that no white man’s bullet would kill him and he always rode fearlessly into battle. Well the vision was right, he was not killed by a bullet but by some looser who stabbed him in the back. Continue reading

Day 4 – Wine Tasting in Hill City, South Dakota

Wine Tasting in Hill City, South Dakota

My wine loot from the Hill City SD Wineries

After gaining some unexpected time by getting out of the bison round up early I decided to do a little wine tasting before picking up Boomer. But first I stopped in at Hill City to check into our hotel. I was starting to realize that traveling with a dog was cumbersome. Continue reading