Paws for Beer 1 Year Blogiversary!

Paws for Beer 1 year Blogiversary

It’s Paws for Beer’s 1 year Blogiversary!  I would like to thank you all for reading, commenting and following along as Boomer and I explore new destinations and I taste test my way around the beer world! I would also like to offer you a virtual cupcake in honor of the festivities!  I would give you a real cupcake but we all saw what I did yesterday

A year ago I sat at my old dinosaur computer (thanks Dad for buying me a new computer last Christmas!) and began recounting my first solo trip (with Boomer) to South Dakota. Although it has not even been two years since that trip it feels like it happened light-years ago… or 188 posts ago!

I think my most memorable moment in the past year was the first day I started the blog. I stayed up late working on the site until daybreak the next day. I was excited to share my stories but honestly a little stressed out. Would I be able to maintain the blog? I knew nothing about websites or HTML. What if I ran out of stories? What if people didn’t think Boomer is as cute as I think he is?

Luckily everything seems to have panned out – even with others thinking Boomer is as cute as I think he is! But don’t get me wrong I still worry, certainly not as much as I did in the beginning, but a little worry keeps you on your toes!

Things that I have learned in my 1 year of blogging:
1.  I have read A LOT from travel blogs to informative blogs, anything I can get my hands on to help make my blog better. I actually read more than I write.
2.  No matter how many times I read a post before publishing someone will find a grammar or spelling error. I’m sure you’ll find at least one in this post!
3.  Social Media takes up a lot of time – more than I ever thought possible. Also paying for Facebook ads was a waste of money. I don’t recommend spending your money there.
4.  Someone will disagree with what you are saying but it’s how both of you handle it when they send you a nasty email telling you how worthless your blog is. This just happened to me last week.  I am sad for this person as they think that is how you interact with people.  Embarrassing.
5.  I am constantly tweaking everything: editing old posts, writing new posts, coming up with new ideas, modifying old ideas. It is an ongoing process that I imagine will go on forever 🙂
6.  I feel guilty that I spend so much time blogging and not spend more of my spare time with Boomer. It is hard to find a balance.
7.  I have “met” a lot of new people in the past year whether it be by reading their blogs or  over email. It has been a fun experience to get to know people from all over the world!
8.  My New Year’s Resolution was to stop being lazy so I have taken my blog more seriously this year. I am currently participating in a travel blogging course from A Dangerous Business travel blog. It has been a great learning experience and I recommend taking the course to any new blogger. I also read Problogger and LKR Social Media daily. They both have a lot of content that is very helpful for bloggers regardless of your topic.
9.  I love sharing my travel and beer brewing stories and I get excited when someone leaves a comment on my blog. I hope that excitement never wears off!
10.  Stupidly I thought blogging was going to be easy. Although it is a lot of work I still love blogging. The feeling of pushing the publish button and waiting to see how people react to my content is exciting. It also surprises me sometimes what posts people connect with over others.

So what’s up next for Paws for Beer?  Boomer and I have lots of plans this year (even if Boomer is not aware of them yet). I have booked our Oregon trip for early Summer and I am currently working on a two week trip to Colorado in the early Fall. I am equally excited about both spots as they are both huge craft beer locations! Oregon seems to lend itself well to being dog friendly which is an added bonus. Colorado will be a new state for both Boomer and I. I will speak for both myself and on behalf of Boomer, we are thrilled to visit a new state with such stunning beauty! I am personally most excited about the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  I also have two adventures planned without Boomer this year.  Two quick trips to Southern California visiting friends and a solo trip to Chicago.

I look forward to another year of blogging and thank you for following along with us. I truly appreciate it!

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10 replies on “Paws for Beer 1 Year Blogiversary!”

Congratulations on your first year of blogging! I used to blog but it didn’t work out for me that well. First, I barely got time to write for a day, and mostly I got this writer’s block though I’m not a writer.. it’s just funny., until the time comes that I ran out of topic to talk about. And it’s also frustrating at times because you got ideas but you’re having a hard time putting them into words, proper words. Maybe blogging just isn’t for everybody. Anyways, Boomer is cute, and your blog is so easy to read and is quite engaging.. which I wasn’t able to do on my own.
But I’m glad I came here.. I love beer too!
when are you gonna give away cupcakes?! I can wait. ;P

I’m sorry your blog didn’t work out but you could always try again 🙂 Finding the right topic that you write a lot about can be a challenge for sure.

I’ll have to work on my perfecting my cupcake recipe! Thank you for reading!

Happy Anniversary! We have been following your adventures for a while and you’ve been doing a great job! Glasses up! Wishing you more and more awesome posts and another 10 years or more blogging! Looks like you are very busy travelling this year, all the best x

Congratulations on your first blogiversary 🙂
Don’t worry about anyone who sends e-mails saying they don’t like your blog, they should find time to do something else online! At the end of the day they’re just keyboard warriors.

Seriously, the tweaking never ends! I can sit at my blog for twelve hours straight, feeling super productive and then realize I still have so much more to fix. I also make a typo in every post. ALWAYS. Glad to know I am not alone.

I’m about to head into year two and I still have the occasional spelling and/or grammar errors. It drives me crazy, specifically when someone points it out. I once had someone say “I know it’s really annoying to have someone point this out, but I still had to do it”… I thought to myself if you know it’s annoying then why do it!??! I see mistakes all the time, even on big blogs and never feel compelled to point it out – but that’s just me.

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