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Paws For Beer 2017 Beer Advent Calendar Review

2017 Beer Advent Calendar Review
A beer tree for Christmas

Last week I rounded up our year of travels so my last task for the year is to round up my 2017 Beer Advent calendar. I was pretty successful this year with only having two repeat beers on my beer list. And I actually did it on purpose, not because I forgot like I did last year. It was the Luponic #007 from Firestone Walker and worth a repeat and the Bad Santa from Pelican Brewing.  Also worth a second glass.

So here we go with the 24 beers in 24 days that I drank as I counted down to Christmas!

December 1st Bicoastal IPA Red Hook – heavy on the passion fruit and not too hop aggressive. This beer is mid-amber in color and has a lot of powerful flavors making it unexpected as you dream about drifting away to some tropical island where these flavors are prevalent.

December 2nd Heyzeus Mexican Style Lager Melvin Brewing – light, fresh and a perfect match for your Tuesday night tacos. This beer has a slight citrus flavor which compliments the beer, giving your the same comfort a lime and Pacifico will. Or Corona if you want to go with the o’ standard Mexican beer.

2017 Beer Advent Calendar Review
Boomer’s little sister trying to seal my beer

December 3rd Little Sister India Style Session Ale Everybody’s Brewing. Surprisingly powerful for a session. Very fruit forward with a nice bitterness.  Jovi loved this one because she is a little sister!

December 4th Double Bastard In The Rye Arrogant Brewing. One sip of this and you are taken on a booze cruise. It has an instant punch from the whiskey barrels that it has been aged in and rolls down smooth… almost too smooth. With a 12.7% ABV it is one to watch out for, but still, welcome it into your home.

December 5th Bad Santa Pelican Brewing Company. A dark and smooth Cascadian ale, or Black IPA. Whichever you call it this one is worthy of a repeat. Although I try to purchase all new beers for my advent calendar I did pick this repeat up as it is a fantastic beer with rich flavors and a fun play on the holiday

December 6th Watershed IPA from Oakshire Brewing. This piney version of an IPA pairs up with grapefruit. It is light in straw color and has a nice crisp finish.

December 7th Berliner Weisse German-Style Sour Ale from Boulevard Brewing. This beer did not disappoint as it offered up an interesting combination of wheat and sour. They go hand in hand and this friendship is a good one. I liked the tartness of the sour which gave a fun twist on the classic German style beer.

December 8th ARRGH! Pale Ale from Lost Coast Brewing. After cracking the cap on this bottle I was greeted by an intense whiff of hoppy goodness. This beer is dry hopped with Cascade, Centennial, and Citra and delivers a tasty high five to your mouth. Like most Lost Coast Brewing beer, you should give this one a try. I have yet to have any of their beers and thought to myself “meh”. All are standouts!

December 9th Roughin’ It Rye from Backwoods Brewing. Heavy on pine notes and I did not pick up too much on the rye flavors. The beer has some malty mid tones with earthiness giving it some depth, but I was really missing the rye flavors… which is why I selected this beer.

December 10th Rhubarbarian Cider by 2 Towns Ciderhouse. This unfiltered cider has a hazy apprentice with a slight tart finish. The apples definitely cut down on the tartness of the rhubarb, giving you just the right amount of pucker without leaving you with a bitter cider face.

December 11th Double Red IPA by AleSmith Brewing Company. Malty, earthy with a sweet finish. Red ales are always best done in IPA and IIPAs in my opinion.

2017 Beer Advent Calendar Review
Jovi under the tree… she thinks she’s a gift

December 12th Burton Barton By Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. This beer is an interesting combination as it basically comes down to being a cocktail. Well sort of, two different beers are brewed an English style old ale and an imperial IPA. Dogfish then mixes the beers together to create the Burton. At first sip, this beer is a boozer and will take you down quickly if you are not careful with its bold 10% ABV. I definitely picked up more of the English malty style over the West Coast IPA.

December 13th #9 by Magic Hat Brewing Company. This beer comes packaged in a psychedelic label proudly grabbing your eye from the shelf. This beer is full of fruitiness and finishes up with a good bite.

December 14th Cranberry Orange Radler by Boulevard Brewing. This beer is considered a shandy and comes rolling in with a bold punch of cranberry flavor. Then it comes back with a left hook of orange. This is a fun beer that has a mixture of flavors that work well together and leave you satisfied.

December 15th Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout from No-Li Brewing. We will start by addressing the 100 IBU. It’s bold. It follows up with a 9.5% ABV which lets you know this beer isn’t effing around. The beer is dark and sinister and leaves you wanting more. Although tasting notes indicate coffee I picked up no notes of this flavor. Roasted, beautifully dark and pleasing, this beer will come in like a wrecking ball if you let it. Watch yourself.

December 16th Huckleberry Pucker from Paradise Creek Brewing. This beer is classified as a Berliner Weisse and a sour. It’s pretty much the perfect combination if you ask me. After cracking open the bottle the air was filled with a tantalizing huckleberry smell which foreshadowed what I was about to consume. Huckleberries are tart making for a great pair to this sour beer, which surprisingly could have been too tart/sour but the combination worked out well and leaves you with just the right amount of pucker!

December 17th Black Raven Coco Jones Coconut Porter. This beer was good, don’t get me wrong. But coconut? I didn’t pick up any of it. Which is strange. Coconut and porters go hand and hand. I’ve had plenty of other versions and love them, so this one should have been a no-brainer… however I felt like maybe my brain tricked me and did not treat me to the coconut I was looking for. If you are wanting a good solid porter give it a try. Just don’t expect any coconut.

December 18th Yellow Snow by Rogue Brewing. This pilsner is brewed with spruce tips which gives it a nature filled flavor. Pilsners aren’t my favorite style of beer, but this one is made by a brewer who I love, so I thought I would give it a try. The name is funny and the flavor is decent. The IBU is at 19 so there is not much hop forwardness to the beer.

December 19th Luponic Distortion Revolution No 007. The ever-revolving door of hop combinations comes together to make up the 7th version of the Luponic. This is one of my favorite versions as it is HEAVY on the citrus notes. I definitely picked up some tangerine notes which is always a fun and unexpected flavor in your beer.

December 20th Grapefruit IPA by Ghostfish Brewing. If you’re a fan of grapefruit this is a beer you will want to try. It is a bit on the perplexing side as with the initial taste the grapefruit flavor is somewhat hiding from you, like a devious dog who has made a mess in your home and doesn’t want to look you in the eye. Cough ‘Boomer’ Cough. As the beer rushes over your taste buds you will be treated to a pleasing IPA but it is not until after your sip has left that you get a blast of grapefruit.

December 21st Born Yesterday by Lagunitas Brewing. This beer is a pretty hop forward beer with some solid citrus notes thanks to the fresh hops used. Although this is classified as a pale ale there was lots of chatter with it’s 60 IBU that it was leaning more towards an IPA, which I happen to agree with. Either way, Born Yesterday is worth a glass or more.

December 22nd Backwoods Bastard from Founders. An aged beer in oak bourbon barrels is always a good start for any beer. The beer follows up with roasted notes and caramel with some tasty spice notes. It is a Scottish Ale which is a style I sometimes struggle with.  I do not always care for the heavy on the malt, light on the hop side of beer. I did enjoy the Backwoods Bastard however as it had a decent amount of intoxicating flavors from the bourbon.

December 23rd All Day Session IPA from Founders. For a session, this beer is surprisingly hoppy, with a 42 IBU. The ABV is low, as to be expected with a session, but this beer is packing flavor and literally would allow you to drink it all day due to its 4.7% ABV.

December 24th Bourbon Barrel Aged Cascadian Dark Ale by Mac & Jack’s Brewing. A few years ago my dad, a non-beer drinker and I were touring Deschutes Brewing in Bend Oregon. I told him that one day he will drink beer and like it. He felt I was wrong.  Well, folks it finally happened and we have Mac & Jacks to thank for it! This beer is dark and boozy and has the ability to convince a non-beer drinker to give the beer a try. I really think it was the bourbon aging that helped my dad take a step in the right direction, but hey I’ll take it.

What new beers did you try this holiday season?

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4 replies on “Paws For Beer 2017 Beer Advent Calendar Review”

I’m envious! Also impressed that you were able to acquire 2 non-standard/seasonal beers from Boulevard. I love their beers and am secretly hoping Tom’s daughter will move back to Kansas City one day so we have an excuse to revisit the brewery. Side note on that- their rotating black pale ale is phenomenal and their summer ginger lemon shandy is super refreshing. Anyways, I’m a big fan of hoppy reds too and so if you ever get to NM I highly (highly!) recommend Marble’s Red (dry-hopped, 70 IBUs I think). Le Cumbre’s Red Ryeot is also really good but not as refined as Marble’s (but has rye!). Thanks for all the tasting notes. Happy New Year!

I’m hoping to get back to NM late this year – I’ll have to check out Le Cumbre’s. I went to Marble in 2016, but I’m not sure if I had their red. I’ll have to check my Untappd. So many beers… so little time 🙂

Thankfully both breweries distribute widely in the northern part of the state. I haven’t been to their brewery or taproom but I’ve had Le Cumbre’s Elevated IPA and the Malpais Stout (both solid), in addition to the Ryeot. But there are so many breweries just in the Albuquerque area — gaaaah!

I noticed that about Albuquerque! I did not plan on going to Marble, or even stopping in Albuquerque, but I decided I needed a beer and their patio was dog-friendly, so it was a good match. Boomer enjoyed his time there, making friends and spilling my beer!

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