Paws Interview: Crystal Wiebe of Wayward Dogs and Beer Paws

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This week I interviewed fellow dog lover Crystal Wiebe from Beer Paws  and Wayward Dogs.   Crystal is a busy gal with her two blogs, helping dogs find “furever” homes and running her Beer Paws business selling beer gear that helps raise money for animal welfare.    Visit us here on Friday for a review of the Beer Paws’ Button Bottle Openers!

1. How did you get involved with fostering dogs and have you ever gotten too attached to a certain foster dog?

My household fell into fostering quite by accident. We just kept finding lost dogs! We live right on a walking trail, which attracts neighborhood and lost dogs. Most of the pups we encountered we were able to get back home, but inevitably we couldn’t track down everyone’s owners. I got so attached to a husky we found that I wouldn’t consent to letting her be adopted for about two years – and then only because she went to live with one of my dearest friends.

2. You do a lot of inspiring work with your local animal shelter. What have been some of your most rewarding moments with that involvement?

I donate a portion of all proceeds from my business Beer Paws to animal welfare organizations. Being able to do that is incredibly rewarding. From a direct involvement perspective, it just always feels amazing whenever I am able to help connect dogs with their forever families. Last summer, I arranged for three dogs in my hometown shelter to get boarding and rescued in the Kansas City area. That experience led myself and my friend to establish the Wayward Dog Foundation.

3. How many dogs do you personally have and how did they come into your life?

Currently, I have two personal dogs. Scooby the elderpin is my ancient miniature pinscher. He showed up at a party I threw more than 7 years ago. Luke the golden retriever is my boyfriend’s dog. Their bromance started at first sight, when Zach saw the big red dog running through the streets. He had escaped from his foster home. I guess you can say they are my original “Wayward Dogs.”

4. What is your most favorite characteristic about a dog?

I love the thing that cat people tend to hate about dogs – their neediness. When I am gone, I know they miss me. When I’m home, they make it clear that they want to be near me.

5. Do you get out and travel with your dogs?

I like to travel with them when I can. Luke accompanied my boyfriend and me on a bike trek through Missouri. Scooby is getting a little too old and feeble to travel much anymore, but he used to go with me absolutely everywhere. Sometimes he still comes to the local events where I sell Beer Paws products – people always get a kick out of him because he’s so tiny.

6. If you could be a dog, what would you be most excited about?

If I was a dog, I would be most excited about any time I’d get to spend with my people – playing, snuggling, partying or scarfing up treats (beer biscuits, of course – LOL).

Want more? Here’s where to follow Crystal:
Websites: Wayward Dogs and Beer Paws
Facebook: Wayward Dogs Foundation and Beer Paws
Twitter: @CrystalWayward and @BeerPaws

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