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Paws Review: Beer Bread Mix from The Beer Bread Company

Beer Bread Mix Review
The two beer bread mixes from The Beer Bread Company

Today at Paws for Beer we are reviewing two beer bread mixes from The Beer Bread Company.

I make beer bread from time to time but I have never ventured out and used a pre-made mix before.  Not that I am a “only make things from scratch” snob, I had just never purchased a mix before.   We can chalk that up to me being lazy.  Which is slightly embarrassing as these bread mixes were quick, easy and delicious! 

Beer Bread Mix Review
the beer bread getting ready for baking

The first beer bread that I would like to review is The American Original.  Included in the mix is everything you need minus the beer.  I like this idea as it allows you to be a little creative by adding  your own touch to the bread.  I used my home-brewed Irish Red Ale for this mix.  It is a low hop beer with a malty finish.  Due to those characteristics I think it pairs wonderfully with making breads.  I also added in some chopped almonds as I like some crunch to my bread.

The bread has 6 easy steps, with the most difficult being waiting for the bread to bake as it fills your house with a delightful and comforting bread scent.  Once the bread finished baking, I placed the loaf on a cooling rack and started in on the second batch.  If you have two loaf pans you can bake at the same time if you have multiple breads to bake.

Beer Bread Mix Review
Cooling the beer bread

The next batch was the Sweet Harvest Whole Wheat.  This bread I paired with my home-brew Blonde Ale.  I think this bread would also pair well with a sassion or a wheat beer.

Once both breads were done and cooled, it was time for a taste off. I found both breads to be moist and full of flavor.  The wheat bread had some great texture with the oats while the American Original gave you a creative platform to build upon, leaving the bread with endless opportunities.

Beer Bread Mix Review
Slices of the Sweet Harvest Whole Wheat Beer Bread

My personal favorite was the Sweet Harvest Whole Wheat and Boomer gave a paw up for the American Original.  In fact he liked it so much he followed me around the house begging for more.  I know I’ve raised a spoiled dog who begs for food 🙂

What to check out The Beer Bread Company’s bread mixes follow the link to their site.  They also have dip and cheese mixes as well.

Many thanks to Molly and Drew at The Beer Bread Company for sending us free samples of their bread mixes.  All opinions regarding product reviews are my own.

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