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Procrastinating with beer in McCall Idaho

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
McCall Brewing in McCall Idaho

I was in a wedding last summer. If you knew me well you would assume that was a joke.  No one in their right mind would ask me to be in their wedding. It was not a joke though. It was the first time I had ever been in a wedding and while I was happy for my friends I was not overly thrilled to be in the wedding. Eh, wearing a dress and makeup, gross.

I have never been that girl who wanted the big white wedding or participate in any such spectacle. Sure I joke about getting married. But the joke is usually about getting married to Tom Hardy. And we ALL know that will never happen because he is a safe bet. He is already married, I am not a home wrecker and let’s be honest he doesn’t know who the eff I am.

And then there is the things that come along with getting married, the ring and the wedding. I do believe that I am the girl if proposed to would never want a ring because I can’t stand jewelry, or more the waste of money on it. Ironically a few years ago I found out I have a metal allergy, inclusive of gold.  My aversion to jewelry has even led to a physical reaction!  To top it off there is the money for the wedding.  I believe that money would be suited much better to support my travel habit… or beer habit… or dog habit.

I have a lot of habits, people!

So anyways, back to this wedding I was in.  I was headed to Boise Idaho for the wedding and made a stop in McCall Idaho. It was slightly out of the way but as you probably guessed there was beer involved. So of course I diverted my course. I rolled into McCall excited to see the cute little town located near a lake.  Unfortunately it was socked in by fog so I could not see much other than the road that lead me to McCall Brewing.

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
Hop To It IPA

I found myself a spot at the bar, my usual spot at any brewery, and ordered my first beer, the Hop To It IPA. This beer has a 6.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and a 85 International Bittering Unit (IBU). For an IPA with a higher IBU it was not overly aggressive in hop punch. It was a decent beer that was flavorful and dark in color.

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
The pulled pork at Mccall Brewing

It was lunch time which required an order of the pulled pork sandwich. It was not my favorite pulled pork, a little over sauced for my liking, but that did not stop me from eating it. It was at this point that I received a text message from my friends who were already in Boise wondering where I was. We had the wedding rehearsal at 3 pm and they were already breaking in their elbows with brews at the restaurant near our rehearsal spot.

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
The Minimalist Bane

I decided to “hurry up” and ordered one last beer before I left, the Minimalist Bane. This beer has a 6.5% ABV and a 55 IBU. This beer is dry hopped and enjoyable. The style of this beer is an English IPA which means it is less in your face hoppy than your traditional American IPA’s.

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
Salmon River Brewing

I wrapped up my time at McCall Brewing and knew I should get on my way to my friends but there was another calling, Salmon River Brewing. Now before you think I am a horrible friend, I still had plenty of time to arrive on time for the rehearsal.

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
Black Happy Ale

I again found myself a spot at the bar and ordered up the Black Happy, and American Black Ale. This beer has a 6.4% ABV and a 80 IBU. I describe this beer as perfection. One of my favorite black ales is the Wookey Jack from Firestone Walker. It is my desert island beer, the one I could not live without. The Black Happy is my runner up. The flavor is dynamite with a nice roasted flavor with a velvety smooth texture that required a purchase of a growler to take with me.

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
The Shiver IPA

My last taste was the Shiver IPA. The Shiver was a 6.7% ABV with a 100 IBU. It was a nice hoppy beer with favorable citrus notes.

I received another text message asking on my status and I began to feel guilty about my procrastination. I also had two hours to drive before I made it to the rehearsal and I did not want my friend’s elbows to be over bent before I got there, so I decided to be an adult and fulfill my adult duties of being in my friend’s wedding.

McCall Brewing is located at 807 North Third Street. McCall Brewing is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm and Friday through Saturday 11 am to 10 pm. Salmon River Brewing is located at 411 Railroad Avenue and open Sunday through Monday 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Breweries In Mccall Idaho
Me, out of my element

And for those of you wondering I did make it to the rehearsal on time and the next day I was dressed up like a harlot. Okay maybe not a harlot, but I have not worn that much make up since my prom and pretty much did not recognize myself.

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