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River Side Drinking At Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon

Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon
Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon

Sometimes I see strange things while out on the road. Like a grown man dressed up as Minnie Mouse wearing combat boots walking into the Buoy Brewery bar and asking for a beer. The real question was, where was Mickey? And what kind of footwear was Mickey wearing?

Perhaps the guy was just bringing a little weird to Astoria.

Well done sir.

Buoy Beer Company sits on the shoreline of the Columbia River in Astoria Oregon. I arrived on a sunny spring afternoon and parked in the lot across the train tracks from the brewery. Don’t let the tracks scare you off as the tracks are not signifying a shady part of town. The tracks are actually for the trolley that carries tourists along the Astoria Riverwalk. You can also stroll along the riverwalk, a 6-mile path (9.6 km) that follows the shoreline of the Columbia River.

Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon
Outside seating at Buoy Brewing

Outside of the brewery, there is dog-friendly seating outside, however on the day of our visit the two picnic tables were both occupied by dogs and their owners. So I headed inside for a table minus my two furry companions. It was here I had to make a decision between the restaurant and the bar, as they were separate. It was a little early for lunch so I picked the bar. And don’t judge me, it wasn’t so early that it was socially unacceptable to be drinking beer.  Let’s just leave it with that I had a late breakfast.

The restaurant menu consists of seafood, burgers, sandwiches and salads with most items ranging around $13 USD.  The restaurant opens daily at 11 am, for those of you who like to get some food in your belly before consuming your daily beers.

I walked into the brewery and forwent the bar seating, finding myself a table near the back. It was an odd location for me and validated why I like to sit at the bar. Service was slower than it would have been at the bar. Perhaps they were also distracted by Minnie Mouse’s attire?!?

Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon
Not A Session IPA

I also forwent my traditional tasting flight and opted for 12 oz beers. They’re handy, in a cute sized glass, giving you a nice amount of beer to try out. My first beer was the Not A Session IPA. This beer is categorized as a Pale Ale, with a 4.9% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and a 40 International Bittering Unit (IBU). The name is a little funny as it is a pale ale but lists IPA (India Pale Ale) in the name. You can ignore that as you enjoy the trifecta of hops used: El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic. These hops deliver on their promises with a flavor punch of citrus and fruit notes.

My next beer was the Cascade Single Hop IPA with a 6.7% ABV and a 60 IBU. Typically I am not a fan of single hopped beers as I like a little variety in my flavors. This beer, however, was brewed with my old friend the Cascade Hop and won me over. How could it not with a hop profile filled with delicious flavors of grapefruit pairing up with earthy and floral notes.

Buoy Beer Company Astoria Oregon

My last taste was the IPA. A simple name for a not so simple beer. With a 7.5% ABV and a 70 IBU this beer is brewed and dry hopped with the Meridian and Crystal hops. Orange citrus, earthy and spicy notes run through this beer. I definitely picked up more citrus notes over the earthy/spice mix.

I rounded up my last sip of the IPA as I finished up my visit to Buoy Brewing, still contemplating whether or not we were going to see Mickey join Minnie at the bar.  But alas I had to be on my way, the dogs were waiting.

Buoy Beer Company is located at 1 Eighth Street Astoria Oregon.

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