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Samantha Makes Me Go To Epic Brewing, Salt Lake City Utah

epic brewery restaurant
Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City Utah

Samantha, my GPS, led me astray on the way home. It was not at all surprising because she loovvvesss taking me off course, even if it makes no sense to. She loves sending me off course as much as I love Boomer. For the record, that is a lot!

I was not suppose to travel through Salt Lake City on my way home from our Spring road trip and there I found myself zipping along I-15 in the heat of traffic.

Damn you Samantha.

Although my trip had gone fairly as planned, I did swap one brewery or another on the second day of our trip, trading Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City for Squatters Brewing in Park City. It was a decent trade and I got to spend time with my friend who was in Park City. And now I was faced with veering off course again, stopping in Salt Lake City at Epic Brewing because I could. I was hungry and under budget, which is rare, so I threw caution to the wind and found myself sitting in the parking lot of Epic Brewing.

When I had previously researched the brewery I found that Epic Brewing has two locations, the Brewery and The Annex. The Annex is a restaurant run by Epic Brewing and I had thought I had the address for The Annex but once I stepped inside I realized I had the address for the brewery. Luckily the brewery has a 6 person bar that has a small menu of sandwiches. Which came in handy because I had to order a meal in order to order beer.

Utah, you and your bizarre booze laws.

epic brewery restaurant
Spiral Jetty IPA

My first beer was the the Spiral Jetty IPA, a 6.6% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). As the bartender poured my beer out of a bottle I tried to hide my eyebrow raise. It appeared that he noticed and said it was a tapless taproom. A tapless taproom?  I guess that is what I will call my living room now.  I lowered my eyebrow and took a sip of the beer. I liked this beer a lot. It had a nice hop flavor with a smooth finish. This beer is all about hops, three different hops in the brew and dry hopped with two different hops, which is always welcomed in my glass.

epic brewery restaurant
Lunch is served!

My lunch arrived, a turkey provolone pesto panini type sandwich. It was a decent amount of food for $7.25 USD and hit the spot as well as guaranteed that the beer would keep coming.

Up next was the Hopulent IPA, an 8.8% ABV and a 62 International Bittering Unit (IBU). I found this beer enjoyable as well and realized that I should probably seek out more Epic beers when I am at home. This beer had a nice hop flavor and as described by the brewing notes “excessive hops” were used to brew the beer. I’m not sure there is such a thing as excessive hops but I appreciate the effort of excess.

epic brewery restaurant
Brainless IPA

My last beer was the Brainless IPA. It is a Belgian style which leads me to believe why this was my least favorite beer out of the bunch that I tried that day. I’m not a fan of Belgian style beers for some reason. I tasted floral notes, which also leads me to believe why I was not in love with this beer, although the tasting notes did not indicate that any floral flavors were used. The Brainless IPA has a 6.5% ABV.

One bummer about the brewery’s restaurant is that you are not allowed to tip your waiter unless in cash. They take cards but you can not add a tip to your payment. I hardly ever carry cash and only had $2 on me that day. I dropped it in the tip jar and apologized for under-tipping. The server’s response “every bit counts”.

Although I did not have this beer at the brewery I did seek out Epic beers once I got home and highly recommend the Escape to Colorado IPA, a 6.2 ABV with a 65 IBU. This beer has a fresh hoppy flavor and if you see it in a can, do not let the can scare you. Canned beer is not going away anytime soon. Now that the craft brewers are figuring out how to maintain the integrity of their flavor and put the beer in a can, you will be seeing canned beer a lot more. Shipping canned beer is cheaper than shipping bottled beer because of the obvious weight difference of cans versus bottles. I personally like craft beer coming in cans because Boomer has not figured out that beer comes in cans, so I do not have to share with him.  Well until he figures out that there is beer in those cans that I have been drinking. I will not be informing him anytime soon and I recommend that you do not either.

And just to clarify it is CRAFT beer in cans that I am supportive of. Not crap beer in cans. You will know it is crap beer if you can purchase it in a 30 case. I sadly had to explain this to one of my co-workers who said they were going to buy me a 30 pack. I smiled and politely said “I don’t drink beer that comes in a 30 pack”. Poor thing, he doesn’t know. I guess it is a good thing he has met me. Like many lost beer souls before him, I shall become his beer mentor.

Epic Brewing is located at 825 S State Street in Salt Lake City. The Annex is located at 1048 E 2100 S STE 110 in Salt Lake City. Be aware that this brewery is full of some serious male eye candy. Keep an eye on those single ladies as you may not be leaving with them!  I almost did not leave with myself 🙂

epic brewery restaurant

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