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Slate Creek Brewing, Coeur D Alene Idaho

Slate Creek Brewing
Slate Creek Brewing

I spend a lot of time traveling away from where I live. It’s a bad habit that I am working on fixing. My first attempt to fix this behavior is by visiting local breweries near my home. It should not be too difficult for me, we know I like beer and due to my recent job loss I really should not be driving too far anyway… right?

Slate Creek Brewing is located off of 4th street in Coeur D Alene Idaho. I won’t lie to you – I had difficulty finding the place and I’m pretty familiar with Coeur D Alene… in fact, my former hair salon is connected to the building that houses this brewery. Should I be embarrassed, probably… was I – maybe a little.

I walked into the narrow bar and saw a sign on the front door “no dogs allowed”. Bummer, as Boomer loves breweries just as much as I do. Although our reasons are slightly different. I’m there for the beer… Boomer is there because he is a “friend-maker”.

I walked up to the bar and spoke with the bartender about their beer selection and got carded. I was 3 days away from turning 34… I may look young, but I certainly don’t look under 21. I guess I should take that while I can 🙂

Slate Creek Brewing
The 6 Weight IPA

The chalkboard on the wall listed many beers, all made by Slate Creek. I placed an order for the 6 Weight IPA. This beer was a delightful refreshing beer with good citrus notes. The tasting notes classify it as a “mid-weight IPA”. I would have to agree as it was not overly hoppy and was a well-balanced beer.

The bar was full, as were all the tables around the bar, so I found myself a spot near the front door. The walls were lined in adventure gear, which was explained on the brewery’s website as paying homage to their namesake, a secret location in the St Joe area (south/east of Coeur D Alene) known for fishing and rafting. Like the recreational area, the brewery is also meant to be a “secret spot in your own backyard” Sorry guys, but I’m exposing your secret! I hope you don’t mind, but your beer is too good to be kept under wraps!

A bartender noticed I was out of beer and asked what I wanted to try next. I ordered the Mountain Hop which she brought me along with a bowl of peanuts. The beer had a strong note of grapefruit in it, not that I minded, but it was definitely the predominant flavor of the beer.

Slate Creek Brewing
I’m a messy jerk

The bowl of peanuts did put me in a conundrum, however. The peanuts were still in their shells, which meant I had to discard the shells. I looked around the bar and noticed piles of peanut shells under the other patron’s feet. I know it is ridiculous to be concerned about something like that, but I felt like an ass every time I broke open the shells and dumped them on the floor. Not enough of an ass to stop doing it, but none the less I still felt bad for whoever had to clean up that mess.

I had checked their beer list prior to my arrival to the brewery and had my heart set on their Double Black IPA, which was a drawback of not sitting at the bar. There was no beer list where I was sitting so I forgot to order it – which means I will need to return. Not really an issue and maybe I’ll be more comfortable throwing peanut shells on the ground next time!

Want to check out Slate Creek Brewing? They are located at 1710 N 4th Street STE 115 in Coeur D Alene Idaho. They are open Thursday – Saturday 2 pm – 10 pm. Other then the peanuts there is no food offered here. You can order in however if you want some snacks!


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looking forward to visiting slate creek brewery– i use to visit that area quite often.
good luck with the brewery.


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