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Smyth Restaurant, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Smyth Restaurant
Smyth Restaurant at the Iron Horse Hotel

Typically while traveling I do not stay in the nicer hotels. I go for budget hotels because I am on a budget. I do afford myself slightly higher budget hotels as I travel mostly alone and no one wants to read about how a vanished one day in a sketchy hotel… right????

Anyways while in Milwaukee I decided to splurge a little on hotel accommodations. It was between the Iron Horse Hotel, a cool old brick warehouse that has been converted into a boutique hotel or the Brewhouse Inn and Suites, which was the old Pabst brewery, also converted into a boutique hotel. If you know me, you probably can figure out which one I picked. Hell even if you don’t know me you can read the name of this blog and can probably figure out which one I picked.

Smyth Restaurant
views around the Iron Horse Hotel

The Iron Horse did not really have a chance against The Brewhouse Inn and Suites but I decided if I was not going to stay at the Iron Horse that I could make a stop for dinner. I had a few minutes before my reservation so I walked around the outside of the hotel. The hotel is clearly a re-purposed building located around several other industrial buildings. Milwaukee has been working on a restoration project of the area, beautifying this industrial looking spot. The Iron Horse building was originally built in 1907, housing a bedding factory. As the years went by the building held other businesses inclusive of a box company and cold storage. It was last purchased in 2005 and converted into a hotel where it has a “perfect fusion of industrial-era form and modern-day function” as quoted from their website.

The Iron Horse is outfitted with several options for food and spirits: Smyth the main restaurant, Branded is their bar, The Library, a breakfast room and The Yard, an outdoor patio space with a full menu of food and cocktails. As I was looking for a hearty dinner I made a reservation at Smyth.

As I was led into the restaurant, the low Edison lights created an instant ambiance. There was lots of woodwork in this building as well as a cozy restaurant atmosphere. I pursued over the menu options while throwing some caution to the wind as the prices were higher than I typically like to pay but it’s research, right?!?!

Smyth Restaurant
My steak, lintels and beets

I ordered a steak with roasted yellow beats and lentil beans. To accompany my dinner I also ordered an IPA from Milwaukee Brewing, the Hop Happy. It was a tasty IPA with a good citrus balance. My meal was delightful and the steak was cooked to perfection.

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