Snoqualmie Brewery and Tap Room

Snoqualmie Brewery and Tap Room

Snoqualmie Brewery and Tap Room

After taking in a meal at Twede’s Cafe and viewing the Snoqualmie Falls I decided to get down to business. Beer business that is. So I made a stop at the Snoqualmie Brewery and Tap Room. I walked into the tap room and found myself a seat at the bar. Some of the wedding goers that I had seen at the Snoqualmie Falls wedding were at the brewery throwing back a few pints while complaining about the dry wedding. Ugh a dry wedding – why bother going?

I skimmed over the beer menu and while I was not accustomed to Snoqualmie’s beers I decided to order the taster platter. It was 6 tasters of beers of my choosing for $11 or $9 for the bartender’s selection. Since I’m a control freak I went with tasters of my own choosing. I tend to run into issues when people pick out beers for me and I end up with a bunch of pilsners and lagers. NO THANKS!

Snoqualmie Brewery and Tap Room

A beer lineup

Up first was the Wildcat IPA, a 6.6 Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and a 75 International Bittering Unit (IBU). For an IPA it did not have an overly hoppy taste. I only gave it a 3.5 on Untappd due to the lack of hop punch. My next beer was the PGA, or the Perfectly Great Amber. The name alone sets the bar high. The beer had a nice malty finish with a 4.2% ABV and a 25 IBU. Both low on the scale but this beer could be consumed all day without causing too much chaos.

Sometimes I like to return to my beer drinking roots, so my next beer was the Copperhead American Pale Ale. It has a 5.3 ABV and a 32 IBU. A middle of the road rating for both ratings but the beer had a pleasant mild hop finish. The next beer I tasted was the Double IPA. This beer had a good amount of hop flavor and notes of caramel, which is one of my favorite flavors in just about anything! The next beer I tasted was the Honey Ale, a 5.3 ABV. This beer had a pretty prevalent amount of honey flavor to it, not a bad thing, but you were very aware you were drinking a honey beer. My last beer was the Lemon Zippy. I don’t say this often but I am going to say it now… I hated this beer. Sorry Snoqualmie brewmaster 🙁 The lemon flavor totally overpowered the beer and tasted more like I was drinking lemon pledge than beer. I am also not a fan of shandy beer, which this beer is similar to and that should have clued me in to the fact that I would not like this beer. In addition to not saying I hate a beer often, I also rarely leave a beer behind. Which in this case I did. I tired to drink it but the lemon pledge taste only encouraged me to find a rag and start dusting the wood bar.

If you would like to visit Snoqualmie Brewery and Tap Room they are located at 8032 Falls Ave SE Snoqualmie Washington.

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  1. George Longden says:

    I’m guessing it is the taste of caramel that is “one of my favorite flavors” not the taste of camel. The taste of camel is more often found in middle eastern beers than those on this continent. Those camel beers often have a very “gritty” taste as well.

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