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2013 Paws for Beer Travel Wrap Up

The year has come to an end and Boomer and I have another chapter in the travel books. Here is our 2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer

This year we traveled to: (Bolded locations are new locations for Paws for Beer. Boomer’s name will be listed if he we went along on the trip):

2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer
Boomer’s first time to the ocean in Crescent City California

California State:
Los Angeles
Long Beach
Crescent City (Boomer)
Laguna Niguel

2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer
Jubelale Ale at Deschutes Brewery

Oregon State:
Grants Pass (Boomer)
Bend (Boomer)
Medford (Boomer)

2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer
Courthouse Missoula Montana

Montana State:
Missoula (Boomer)
Ross Creek Cedars Highway 56 (Boomer)
Big Hole National Battlefield (Boomer)
Hamilton (Boomer)
Stevensville (Boomer)
Victor (Boomer)

2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer
Snow Creek Falls Idaho

Idaho State:
Lewiston (Boomer)
White Bird Battlefield (Boomer)
Boise (Boomer)
Bonners Ferry (Boomer)
Snow Creek Falls (Boomer)

2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer
Windmills in Washington State

Washington State:
Spokane (Boomer)
Ellensburg (Boomer)
Leavenworth (Boomer)
Wenatchee (Boomer)
Winthrop (Boomer)
Grand Coulee Dam (Boomer)

2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer
Boomer on a hike looking for toadstools in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Utah State:
Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park (Boomer)
Boulder (Boomer)
Kolab Canyons (Boomer)
Grand Staircase Escalante (Boomer)
Salt Lake City (Boomer)
Antelope Island State Park (Boomer)
Red Canyon State Park (Boomer)
Park City (Boomer)
Golden Spike National Monument (Boomer)
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (Boomer)

2013 travel write up for Paws For Beer
Oklahoma City Memorial

Oklahoma State
Oklahoma City

It was a pretty successful year of travel for me although there were a few trips I cancelled due to lack of funds – but they’re on the 2104 schedule! Here is a preview of what I have planned for 2014:

Trips with Friends:
April: Mexico (this is still in the rough stages so I am not sure if it will pan out or not)

Solo Trip:
May: Chicago IL / Milwaukee WI / Spring Green WI

Trips with Boomer:
June: Oregon Coast / Central Oregon/ Mount St Helens
September: Southern Wyoming / Northern, Central and Southwestern Colorado / South Eastern Utah / Montana

I have my fingers crossed that I will not have to cancel any of the above – but some things are out of my control. Since I have such a long planning schedule I hope to be able to “travel hack” down as much of the costs that I can but when you travel primarily by car the cost of fuel is your worst enemy. Luckily however I traded in the truck for a newer SUV that gets twice the gas mileage so that will help a little. I am also looking forward to Boomer being more comfortable in the car as we travel. You know because it is really all about him!

Where did you travel to this year?  Did you visit new places or familiar favorites?