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Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise Photo Essay

Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise
Looking at the Willis Tower from the Chicago River

We have been having some weird weather this year. I came to realize this when I was in Chicago this May and it snowed. Snow in May – Seriously?

So on the day that it snowed I had pre-booked a Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise. As I boarded the boat I figured I was tough enough to handle the cold air and crappy weather. I have spent plenty of days aboard a fishing boat in North Idaho on freezing cold days – how could this be much different? Check out that photo below. I was outside on the deck of the boat that day. YIKES right?

Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise
An icy day out on the lake
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Trip Rewind Arizona 2002 : Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West

frank lloyd wright taliesin west
Taliesin West in Arizona

I do not think I realized the magnitude of what I was about to visit at the time. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. In hindsight I pretty much want to slap myself silly for not understanding just how amazing this was. It was officially the first FLW house I ever toured but as you will read or have read, I now try to find a FLW house anytime I go anywhere. I am often heartbroken as many do not offer tours as they are still private residents. I guess it’s understandable – I would not want people traipsing through my private home either. But come on people – you own a Frank Lloyd Wright house!