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Pabst Mansion Tour, Milwaukee Wisconsin

pabst mansion tour milwaukee
The Pabst Mansion

Milwaukee is known for being a town with a rich history of beer with Pabst probably being one of the better known breweries to come out of Milwaukee. Although Pabst has been around since the late 1880’s, Pabst’s history actually started about 40 years earlier. In 1844 a German immigrant named Jacob Best Sr started the Best and Company Brewery with his four sons; Jacob Jr, Charles, Phillip and Lorenz. By 1850 Charles and Lorenz parted ways with the family business and created their own brewery, Plank Road Brewery (later bought by Miller Brewing). By 1853 Jacob Sr retired, leaving Phillip in charge. Phillip changed the name of the brewery to Phillip Best Brewing Company (although I am more fond of just Best Brewing, who wouldn’t want to drink the Best Beer?)