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Trip Rewind Arizona 2002 : Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale Arizona

Visiting Phoenix International Raceway
the entry to Phoenix International Raceway

I find it ironic that Phoenix International Raceway is called Phoenix when it is actually located in Avondale Arizona but whatever we will let them call it whatever they want :-).

I still remember vividly walking up to the NASCAR track for the first time. My heart was filled with excitement as I had spent most of my Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons watching races since I was 16 years old and now I was going to watch a race live!

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Trip Rewind Virginia: A NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway

Richmond NASCAR race
NASCAR race Richmond Virginia

Tropical Storm Hanna had finally moved on and we were ready for a Sunday full of NASCAR racing at Richmond International Raceway. Except the problem was that we had little information about when the race was actually going to start and once we headed to the track we got the pleasure of waiting in traffic way longer than anticipated. Uh oh…