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Visiting the San Juan Capistrano Mission, California

san juan capistrano mission
Walking around the San Juan Capistrano mission

This was my fourth visit to California in four years. I had decided to do what most of the travel bloggers I read say to do. Don’t plan out everything. So I didn’t plan much.  I booked my flight, organized a few activities and headed down to California to see my friends Meg and Kris.

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Day 5 – Visiting Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

visiting Mount Rushmore South Dakota
Mount Rushmore Avenue of the Flags

The next stop on my road trip around South Dakota was Mount Rushmore. As I walked towards the monument through the avenue of flags I was excited to finally be there. I quickly checked the state flags to make sure Idaho, my home state, was represented! I am not sure why I always think that Idaho will be excluded, it is a state after all, but I always feel compelled to check.

South Dakota Travels with Boomer USA Mid-West Travels

Day 4 -Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota

crazy horse monument south dakota
Crazy Horse Monument South Dakota

My next stop was Crazy Horse Monument. I had heard a little about Crazy Horse, a Lakota Warrior, prior to my visit, like he was this bad ass warrior who had a vision that no white man’s bullet would kill him and he always rode fearlessly into battle. Well the vision was right, he was not killed by a bullet but by some loser who stabbed him in the back.

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Day 3 – Visiting The Battle of the Little Bighorn, Montana

Visiting the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Montana
General Custer’s Last Stand

What better way to start out the day than with a history lesson at The Battle of the Little Bighorn?  If you are not familiar with what The Battle of the Little Bighorn is, it is where General Armstrong Custer made his last stand.