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A Driving Tour of Kolob Canyons, Southern Utah

Utah National Park Kolob Canyons
Kolob Canyons National Park Entry

The drive down to Southern Utah, our final destination for the day, was an exciting one! We had one last stop at Kolob Canyons before calling it a night and dealt with challenging ground to sky lighting and downpours. I was white knuckled the entire drive as my tires were near the end of their life and well if you didn’t read what I did to my brakes – take a moment to catch up. Needless to say I was in fear of hydroplaning… but luckily we arrived safe. I knew all those countless hours of watching NASCAR would pay off making me a better driver.   We arrived at Kolob Canyons as the storm clouds parted for a few moments while we did a driving tour of the park.