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South Dakota Trip in Review

I had another great solo trip under my travel belt. A few things learned:
1. If I have to arrive late to a hotel, make sure it’s in a safe spot.
2. No matter how I try to conserve gas on a road trip I will most likely fail due to my lead foot.
3. I also learned to not be worried about embarrassing myself, most likely I’ll never see those people again so it does not matter.
4. Be bold, walk confident and always look like you know what you’re doing even if you don’t (unless you’re lost and then ask for directions! )
5. And most important if anyone sends a judgmental eye your way because they see you’re alone (and trust me I got the looks) – send them a look back of ‘I’m a strong independent person and you wish you could do things on your own’.  And if you can muster that with a look of the eye you should also be impressed with yourself that you can communicate that much with just a look of the eye!

Below is a photo recap of our trip from Idaho to South Dakota.